DXWEBSETUP and the SWL Patcher

Hello Funcom!

I’m a long-time player of The Secret World (since beta) and Secret World Legends, and never in all this time has a Funcom game client patcher driven me as close to the edge of babbling all the way to the loony bin as it did today.

I recently acquired a new PC and tried unsuccessfully to run the SWL patcher before and after applying all updates from Windows Update and from a device driver updater.
But every time the patcher was started it would immediately fail with rather unceremonious “Send Report to Funcom” comic dialog. No clue was provided as to why.
I searched the topic on the 'net and here. I tried every suggestion to no avail.

So I moved on to installing some Steam-based games. While waiting for the downloads to finish with those, I remembered that you could install SWL via the Steam client. Lo! and behold! The STEAM installer took the liberty of starting DXWEBSETUP.EXE to install DirectX components.

I let it finish and sure enough, the SWL patcher started successfully. My head still hurts from ‘/bonk self’ commands executed on myself. I stopped the patcher, uninstalled it from Steam, and reinstalled the stand-alone SWL patcher. It is now downloading the client updates.

What I would like to know is: Why can’t the stand-alone SWL patcher’s installer at least ask about running DXWEBSETUP so customers can avoid the nightmare in the long-winded description above?! I wasted an hour with this and almost started thinking it was a hardware issue (told you I went to the edge of sanity).

Could Funcom PLEASE update the stand-alone installer to run DXWEBSETUP? It doesn’t hurt anything if DirectX is already there, and the user can always cancel out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. :grin: