Dagger Dodge Stamina Change

I don’t really understand the egregious change in how much stamina Dagger Dodge uses now in comparison to just normal dodge. As seen in these collected screenshots, the normal dodge in Epic Zamorian Thief armor with 5 points in Grit (155 stamina) doesn’t seem to have changed much, but the stamina cost for Dagger Dodge has increased significantly. It honestly seems like a bug because I can’t figure out what the reasoning for changing one dodge and not the other would be.

Dagger Dodge already doesn’t work half the time because it’s classified as an attack rather than a dodge, so tacking on a significant stamina cost really makes daggers an undesirable weapon set, especially for solo PvE.

That is probably why it became more expensive. They probably just changed special attack stamina costs, and backflip is a special attack, so it was changed too.

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If you have the rolling thrust perk and dodge roll first then the backflip is free, and moves you back twice the distance of that dodging does. This can make for an effective disengage.

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