Dagon Religion to go with new dungeon

So we all know about the upcoming dungeon being added being centered around Dagon and his cult. I think that some time after this dungeon is fully implemented Dagon should actually be made into a full religion that you learn by completing the dungeon, just like with Jhebbal Sag. Both Dungeons are very similar in that the deity talks to you directly and shows up at the very end. Dagon just needs an altar, some recipes, and an avatar. Yog is cool and all, but he doesn’t really tap into that real Lovecraftian feel like Dagon does despite both of them being based on Lovecraft gods. His religion could give you some really Lovecraftian aesthetics. Oily stone statues of half-fish men, maybe even a Funcom rendition of the classic Cthulhu statue or the bas relief from Call of Cthulhu.

I just think the new dungeon gives a golden opportunity to slide his religion in there.


Well I think it’s not likely to develop into another religion based on what Funcom has said in the past regarding Jhebbal Sag being the last religion they plan to add to the game.

There is plenty of scope though for Funcom to add recipes for decorations (statues, lamps, vases, banners etc), armor, weapons, warpaint, recipes for unique pet skins. Or add armor/weapon drops directly from dungeon dwellers.

I’m hoping they are willing to reverse their stance on adding new religions. Particularly because Dagon is already so prominent in the game.

Hi JackalKing and to our community! Yeah I know what you mean. I actually reached out to another user recently to ask if Dagon became a learnable Religion in this update after completing the dungeon. Especially seeing as though we we are fighting Dagon minions. For the record, I do recall Funcom stating that JhebelSag would be the last religion. However, when I heard about the coming update, I immediate thought ‘those devious devs tricked us, and have one more religion coming which they were keeping under wraps’. Honestly, considering Dagon is a major religion, and deeply intertwined with the Exiled lands Lemurian denizens backstory, it is kind of a bummer that this is not the case. However, I just love this games religion system, and can never seen to get enough. To the good folks at Funcom, you know…we dont mind you tricking us if it results in us getting cool additions. :wink:

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The more the better.

Agreed. Dagon seems like a natural fit into the world. He is already worshiped, he is physically present at the end of the dungeon like Jhebbal Sag, you fight his worshipers like Jhebbal Sag, and he directly speaks to you. It just seems like a natural extension of the narrative to make him a full religion.


i’d be thrilled with any more dagon related things, religion, placeables, anything i’ll take it!

The Gold and Basalt structures would look so nice for a building DLC. With any luck we might see that Season 3.

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Why yes, that is what I was admiring too…the erm…Gold and Basalt structures.


Holy cow, there’s a wall in that picture! It’s a really pretty wall, too. How did I not notice it at first?

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It seems that we share the same… conundrum. Not that the wall isn’t pretty or attractive, but I have this affinity to be drawn easier toward surfaces that are… well… bubbly, wobbling and round -ish. :joy:

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