Adding a Dagon religion?

Seems strange that after you rescue his child Dagon (or the demi-god you just rescued) doesn’t grant you some sort of boon - and like wise, its strange that having just witnessed an actual deity/demi deity in the flesh our characters aren’t struck with some kind of awe to where at least some of them might start worshiping Dagon proper.


Thankyou for the invitation @Zeb. Aye it is true, I personally would like to see Dagon make the transition to a fully fledged in-game religion. To be perfectly honest here I love the religion system in Conan Exiles, for me it is one of biggest hooks as far as this game goes. Some users choose to criticise it, but to me it is literally one of its most cutting edge features. Furthermore, compare it to other open world adventure games, and it borders on revolutionary. I mean take Skyrims for example, what does it offer in comparison? A blessing which cures disease and a short lived buff. The Witchers are little beyond references. Here we have placeables, food, weapons, armor, potions, and the ability to summon the gods themselves to smash our enemies! These frachises would do well to adapt this formula in future titles.

As far as Dagon goes, I genuinely hoped we would gain him as a fully fledged religion. I was hinestly kind of surprised that we didnt earn the knowledge of an acolyte by freeing him from his long running torment. I mean lets face it, we did him a serious solid compared to the deeds we did in service of our starting gods. I mean if clearing that Sunken City dungeon, slaying those who offended him and doing his bidding like that isnt enough to gain the nod of approval and earn his favour, then what is…? There is no two ways about it, we have earned the right to worship him.



Not that strange. To them, it may just be a big fish monster that those loonies you just killed worshiped as a god. Or even if they acknowledge it’s divinity, they may still decide that it’s not one they wish to serve.

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Haha - lucky not to just go insane or make some unexpected funky new friends following the Lovecraft Dagon story :joy:

Dagon for Beginning Readers

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That’s true, but then look at the other religions in the setting and a giant monster that can give powers or blessings of some sort to its followers is pretty normal.

It’s really only Crom and Mitra who are seen as not taking a physical form and in that respect Mitra has already crossed that particular Rubicon in this game.

Though more broadly I think more religions are a neat way to expand the setting. I’m hopeful (but not really expecting) that the new map might bring new possibilities for such things - as I’m hopeful the new map would tell a new story.

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If you ask me, yes i would tottaly like something like that, plus since we speak about Dagon, i would like to add something more.
1st I would love to be able to free the prisoners, or at least feed the starving ones.
2nd Dagons final boss is way to strong, it would be nice to give you something more than the garbage you collect from her.

How about adding Derketa religion and making the Derketo religion accurate? Then we would get two new religions for the price of one.

I think its unlikely to see a Derketa religion just for the fact that it is so similar to Derketo. If we wanted to talk about other religions, it would also be nicer to capitalize off the mention of tsathoggua in the volcano area…

They are nothing alike. The names are similar witch is part of the confusion. The religions themselves are entirely different.

How would it look like in-game?
After summoning it would just fall from the sky and wiggle its way to the destination?
What would its attack look like? Fin whips? Water splash?
What came to my mind: MAGIKARPPPPPPPP!! :grin::grin:

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As superficial as it seems, I think that (the similarity of names) to be the only thing to matter in this case.

According to me? it would be one of the greater deep ones as described by Lovecraft in his short story detailing Dagon.

A sharknado. :smirk_cat:

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