Dagoon dungeon. Is it changed or we experience a bug?

Game mode: [Online | official server pve]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU ]

[Today i’ve decided to go and farm dagoon dungeon. I had at least 2 weeks to visit. My last visit however it was before the Argos dlc download (awesome dlc bravo guys). I visit this dungeon alot because except my participation to the official pve server, i play pvp with some guys and every 3weeks they change servers :joy:. So as a farmer of this clan i always visit the dagoon dungeon for some scales and deep fisher knowledge. Today however i experienced a lot of changes to the dungeon. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Your thrall doesn’t follow you to the underwater caves. If you enter the cave and press the square button nothing happens. That means that you are solo and helpless to all the underwater dungeons.
  2. All the prisoners of the final dungeon is attaking you. At the beginning i went to the lever that the one head fish guy is. I interact to the lever, the gates open and the prisoners start fighting the fish guys as always. I accidentally touch on prisoner and then all the prisoners agro on me :joy:.
    3.when i return on the surface of the dungeon the command button was working properly again.
  3. I went back underwater but nothing changed, the thrall didn’t come and the command button wasn’t working again.

So my question dear Hugo is… Is it intentional or a bug?
Either way thank you for your time and please don’t forget, i don’t report to complain, not at all, i only report to help. Thank you :+1:.


Followers not working is a know issue originally the prisoners where hostilebut was removed but unknown on that one


The same


Hi @stelagel, as Gloatingtomb6 has mentioned the thrall failing to teleport is an issue that will be solved in the upcoming patch (currently being tested on the Test Live servers).

Regarding the prisoner aggro, we’ll bring it up to the team to determine if it’s intentional.

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Thank you very much.

Thank you too :+1:.

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