Daily Challenges vs Daily Login Bonus Timers Not in Sync

Little late, but I just had it happen today.

I got my Daily Login Bonus this morning at 8am (West Coast US time), Did 1 challenge, opened box and logged off.

Tonight at 7pm I logged on again and the (for me) new Daily Login Bonus came up for me to take, but the daily challenges hadn’t reset. So all I had to do was complete which ever daily challenge I hadn’t done on the character from the morning (example: only had to kill 5 npc’s to get the 20 Kills one to give buff).

Bonus and Challenges timers aren’t in sync.

It has always been like this for the daily login reward and the daily challenge resets. They were never at the same time.
On Crom the weekly challenge reset was at the same time as the raid finder instance/raid change. On Saga of Zath, they were not at the same time …raid finder changed zones before the weekly challenge reset.

Ah OK, never mind then. Would have thought they’d be in sync.

You would think they’d be in sync, and not about 12 hrs separate.

My tip of the day on the loading splash screen said ‘rewards and challenges reset daily at 9am UTC’, just by that you’d think they would.

Yep, well whether that behavior was intended from the start, an unexpected result or just the description they never bothered to correct I could not tell, but if I am not mistaking and it has always been like this (saga aside) Daily login reward reset at 00:00 UTC and Daily challenges reset at 09:00 UTC (which happens to be same time as RF reset time).

But now that I think of it, that tip of day you are referring to, is probably only about Daily challenges and the rewards which come by completing them (some silvers, green crate…). If that’s the case it all makes sense and Daily login reward only being on a different timer.

This is the first occurrence where we actually had to use one (with the buff) to open an other, and it actually came out as a fix for lower level players who could not attend RF (< lvl 80) and therefore never open those Daily login anniversary crates. Before that fix we could only open the anniversary crates with the buff by completing RF and in that previous situation it did not even matter if they were synced or not. I think that’s why.