Damage modifier and damage type modifier question


I have a small question about damage type modifier (items or nano) and damage modifier (items or nanos).

What is the rule of combining several damage modifiers ?

Let’s take an exemple.

I create a MA toon.
On Arete, I find a “Ring of Power - Melee” that adds +1 to Melee damage.

Ok, now, each time I hit something, I do normal dmg + 1

Now, I build the bracer that override damage to poison and add +3.

Does the ring checks for base damage type or final damage type?
Should I equip a ring that adds poison damage or keep the melee damage one?

Oh, and… now, on mainland, I buy the nano Energized Fists : it overrides damage to Energy.

It looks I continue to do poison damage.
Is the nano (that changes damage type to energy and adds some energy damage) is taken into account?
Should I use a ring that add melee (base), energy (intermetidate) or poison (final) ?
What is the rule to know which damage type is applied when equiping several items/nanos ?

The damage type is changed first, and then +damage modifiers for that damage type are added. So if you hit poison damage, only +poison damage items will increase that.

When you use multiple items/nano’s that affect damage type, the resulting damage type isn’t predictable (to my knowledge), but easy to observe :slight_smile: If your observation is that you hit energy damage, you will only benefit from +energy damage modifiers.

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Thank you Saavick for your helpfull and clear answer.

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