Damage numbers not adding up?

So I was doing some damage tests with my weapons and noticed something weird my telith’s sorrow has 80 dmg with 25% armor piercing, and my Ancient Lumurian Axe has 63 dmg with 24% armor piercing yet my axe that is almost 20 points lower does more damage on first hit and after a full combo. If that is correct why use the great sword when the axe has just as good crowd control and better hyper armor?

You can’t compare axes to swords
Each weapon has different multipliers

Not only do different weapons have different modifiers but different parts of a combo do as well.

For example the 3rd attack in a Greatsword heavy combo does less damage than a light attack. However it hits twice.

I did damage comparisons of both doing full combos and the axe hit a fair bit harder also why can’t they just show accurate damage instead of having hidden multipliers to make weapons look way stronger than they actually are.

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