Warhammer Damage problem?

So I don’t know if this was intended or not, so I’m posting as a bug because this doesn’t make much sense.

Every weapon in the game seems to do an equal amount of damage from one hit to the next in a combo for that hit. I.e., light hits 1 through 4 will roughly do the same damage with the hammer.

But with the hammer, it seems to be the only weapon that does less damage on its 4th heavy hit. Vastly less. This is leading to a lack of hammer use IMO. That last hit, which often could be a kill shot, cannot be used because it does so little damage. And saying because it does knockdown is illogical, because any other weapon that does knockdown on its 4th hit, including the hammer light attack, does not do less damage on that hit. This leads me to believe the 4th heavy hit with the hammer is somehow broken.

Testing steps:
1 equip a hammer
2 find a thrall tough enough to do a full combo
3 attack said thrall with a full combo, the 4th hit being heavy
4 watch the amount of damage on the thrall health meter and note the significantly less damage done on 4th hit.

Am I the only one noticing this?

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