Dancer not fighting

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After a bit of fighting dancer thrall stops fighting, it just walks to enemy with bare hands and does nothing. Tried changing behaviour to different settings but nothing fixes it.

So i took second dancer, hoping that the other will fix in meantime, and… the second one stopped fighting too.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Use dancer.
  • Play with it a bit, fight monsters, lvl up.
  • Between lvl 4-10 dancer decides to become pacifist.

Chance is it becomes pacifist because of vaults (entered multiple in meantime with it) but havent tested lvling dancer without entering vaults at all.

Tested switching thralls, switching stances, even clanmember tried to make it fight but nothing helps.

This may be a long term bug. A guy on our server has been having this problem and he googled it and found some mentions of it. He reported the source as saying it was related to having given the dancer a 1H weapon at some point. He fixed his by “gave her a sword and then swapped back to the dagger thingy”. Not sure of the details, e.g. were there intermediate steps like sending her into combat with the sword, or whatever.

Obviously still a bug, but that might get you our of your bind.

This is was happening before the Isle patch. What I found that bugs them out is when they get sent flying(normally by the Rhino King) and disappear underground. When they resurface their attack animation is stuck with raised fists when they want to attack something. Have you noticed they cannot be knocked down after they start the raised fist thing? If this is your case, try fighting any enemy that doesnt push thralls around and into the ground(ie Rhino King, Red Mother sometimes…etc) and you should not have a problem using them. I play single player so a server restart fixes the thrall behavior.

Will try to switch weapon, both were using same - 2-hand sword when they stopped responding.

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