Dancer Thralls not attacking

My dancer thrall refuses to attack. I have no idea if this is a siptah only bug or not because I’ve only been playing on siptah, but my dancer thrall just wont attack anymore. Playing on an unmodded server as well. The thrall in question is Dances-with-bears that I got from a T4 leyshrine surge.

How to replicate bug:

Step 1: make a dancer follow you (I equipped a legendary hammer for my dancer)
Step 2: kill a bunch of stuff
Step 3: keep killing stuff untill the thrall decides not to attack anymore.

I’ve tried changing behaviors, forcing her to atttack by holding E, giving her knives back, setting him in new positions, relogging, nothing works…

Does anyone know of any fixes? I heard a server reset fixes it but 1 I dont own the server, 2 the server doesn’t reset often, 3 even if it did reset often the problem happened almost instantly so it wouldnt matter much.


Today, I went went adventuring with my clanmate and we had two thralls with us. My thrall followed along for the first fight, behaving as expected. The very next fight he went on strike. I too tried everything I could think of to correct the behavior. I finally suggested to my clanmate that we swap thralls to see how it behaved with him. My thrall took orders just fine with my clanmate but the one he traded off to me started acting weirdly as well. I decided to reset the thrall to guard me stance. That thrall finally accepted the guard me order and began fighting. No more issues for either thrall for the duration of our adventure. shrug

Edit: This description was not about a dancer but dancers have behaved in the manner you described for me in the past as well.

I’ve had it happen to 3 dancers on Official. The only fix I found was wait until the next day after server reset. Re: avoiding it, I believe it occurs when the thrall’s inventory is full and they try to go out of combat mode.

Game mode: all
Type of issue: bug
Server type: all
Region: all

A following dancer will stop fighting after some time.
This is a OLD BUG !!!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. equip Dancer
  2. lets follow
  3. fight
  4. after some time dancer stop fighting only show up empty fists
  5. Wait for server restard to fix till the bug repeats.

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