Thrall not attack

Game mode: [Online | ]
Problem: [ | Bug | Performance | ]
Region: [Us server 3504]

I am sure this is a long long LOOOOOONG going issues but I have a performer not attacking i tried around 5 different weapon’s starting with the only two he has ever used switching out and even tried letting him pick the weapon. I also tried removing armor and adding it back and this in battle out of battle and various other forms like this. Please give me some help with this it’s so annoying

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Sounds like you have already done what I might suggest. Most Dancers start out with daggers. Perhaps trying to park them on guard in various places and have some thing chasing u into the area. To get them active. Have you tried logging out and back in. @agfike.

yes i have tried logging back in no luck only thing that i have not tried is running in camp with something attack me but it seems pointless why can they not just make a option to restart their scripts :frowning: @sestus2009

Help is coming on May 7. There are AI fixes to improve their combat being released as the main focus of this next update patch. Hopefully, this will take care of your problem.

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@sestus2009 ok i tried the bring something to it nothing changed :frowning:

@Bodin is right I forgot about new patch that may be the cure you need Good luck.

Hi @agfike, the latest patch improves several AI aspects, please be sure to share any feedback regarding the original issue after playing through the current patch.

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