Thralls bugging out

At some point my thralls are bugging out. Not sure what is causing it. You can tell its happening though, if they are following you or even if they are on guard at your base, when they enter attack mode (either by being attacked or telling them to attack) they never come out of it. If you disarm them (remove there weapon but keep it in there inventory) they will not draw there weapon again. Also when this is happening they do not use the gruel in there inventory to heal. Oddly enough this does not happen with dancer thralls, they work just fine. I believe the reason they work is because when the attack is over they go back to dancing, which resets there behavior. The thrall in question is a “Dogs of the desert archer 3” female. single player, no mods, and have all DLC. Just curious if anyone else is having this or similar issues. Thanks.

Yeah mine doing the same thing. Thralls right now are useless until this bug is fixed. Sometimes they won’t even defend themselves.

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