Dancers change dances went broken in wheel of pain

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Region: usa

Everytime i get a dancer with the dance i want i put them into the wheel of pain and the dance changes… Very frustrating.

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What exactly you mean, sorry but i dont think you can make your dancer, to dance what you want. There is no option for this, i wish there was but as far as i know, not yet. Still it would be a nice suggestion and you allready have my support on this one. Anyway what i do to make the dancer change the dance is to move the guard spot and the dancer changes the dance. However i never visual my dancers to dance snake or belly dance and it is unfair. Welcome to the family :+1:

People are randomly dying and stuck in rubberband loops, and you wanna complain about a dance. Lol. In case you havent noticed man, they randomly switch there dance up a lot of the time. It’s been like that since I started playing they’ll be doing a certain dance, stop, then switch to another one.

Try moving them around, and having them follow you around a bit in your base. See if you can get them on the dance you want.

there are two main dances they do. the snake dance seem to only work for the NPCs. We captured snake dancers and NONE of them came out of the wheel with it.

Well I figured that it was such a problem ( lag issues) that it already would have been put on here already… But thanks for the info i will quit trying and just be happy with what I get.

Hello @kaos11594, welcome to the forums!

This is not an issue but rather part of the current behavior of dancers since they are meant to randomly change the dance rather than to stick with the one they had at the moment of capture.

Don’t hesitate to continue sharing any suspected issues, however, as we really appreciate all sorts of feedback.

I’d love to share my feedback on this topic one more time since it has been brought up. The dances are limited for followers to conserve memory in the game. I would love to see at least one of those dances swapped out for belly dance. That’s my pipe dream @Hugo I’m counting on you.

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