Data mining from my computer to make better ads WHAT

Glad you ask. No of course not!

But do tell, what has gotten into your heads?
This will help me spend my money better in future.

Because a few years ago the original founder of Tencent got arrested by the CCP, disappeared for 2 years and then got kicked out of China. China bloody removed the citizenship of FunCom’s saviour!

And now the CCP is in charge of Tencent. You are run by a gang of people MAKING real life exiles.

No, you can’t mine data on my computer. Fog of!


i refused promptly, hope it was respected

Madness. I was an inch away from walking away from this game forever when Tencent got their slimy hooks into Funcom. For which I will never forgive Funcom. Yes, I know how and why it happened. No, I didn’t WANT FC to fold and all the cool people who work for them to be unemployed. But I have hated everything that has happened with this game since… just like I knew it would and tried to warn people about. I will never play a game owned by Tencent again, I don’t care what it is. And if there was some way to crowdsource a fund for FC to get its company back from its evil overlords I would absolutely contribute.


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