Days of High Adventure

Coming Soon- Days of High Adventure. Sponsored by The Risen Knights. (This is a work in progress and not sure when we’ll begin, but I wanted to post a heads up.)

Weekly Old World Runs on Crom-Normal Mode unless specified UC (Sanctum of Burning Souls, House of Crom, Caravan Raiders, Etc) 9pm UTC on Friday or Saturdays. (Date/Dungeon TBA)

The purpose is to try to have the team together in advance so we don’t have to wait to fill the group. And to have fun and explore, plus do dungeons no one does anymore. We are learning the dungeons and how to run 6 man and Raids, so we are newcomer friendly.

We plan to also include Rare Boss Hunts. (Date/Time TBA) If these take off, we’ll do more in Expansion Zones.

No Voice, No Exp needed (though we’ll take experienced players too). FTP or Subs welcomed. We welcome international players with basic English skills. Loot FFA and a few other guidelines will be announced. Patience is required.

Look for notices in game, we’ll start posting the week of the planned run. Reserve a Spot by In Game Tell to the name posting the messages with class and level so we can semi-balance. Once spots are filled, we’ll put those that didn’t make it on a reserve list in case of people that don’t show up. I expected we will need 3 to 4 people to fill a 6 man dungeon.


What are these old world runs?

Any 6 man not in an expansion zone. We’ll announce when we start posting. I think we’re looking at House of Crom or Caravan Raiders possibly, but pretty much something like that. Sanctum perhaps as I done that alot and know the way.

I would gladly do both since i never completed those before. Though im not fully sure i will have enough time considering that im trying to do khitai stuff for hyrkanian medium set at the moment…and pagoda for wolf gloves.