Dcing while in game

ever since you reinstated the world events now im getting dissconected often with you have lost active internet connection it only happens in CE nothing else ever cuts my internet off like it does in CE i tried searching the forums but only found the old bug that happened like this while refreshing servers this is not whats happening it appears to have no reason and can be anywhere in the game at any time i did move fps too a lower setting that seemed too make a diff in preformance but im preety sure thats ust in my head anyways just wanted to + this bug as im not the only one i play on official 1522

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still a massive issue many on this server have the same problem too varing degrees its completely random like last night i got stuck at the red dragon in this bug you have lost your internet connection

Greetings Iamlbm!
Thank you for reaching out to us.

Have you perhaps tested your connection, restarted your router/tried a LAN cable to see if it fixes the issue?

Additionally, have you tested this in any other server?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

ya ive checked my internet all is good there ive been trying just wifi instead of lan cable idk if its worked or i just got lucky yesturday but no dc “you have lost your inet connection” also this is false too the inet is still on as im usually right beside my phone which would also show lost inet if this was true but it doesnt when this happens just the laptop as for anoughter server 1522 is the only one i play on but if it starts dcing agian ill defently try to see if it dcs in anoughter server also just to be clear others do get the random you have lost your inet and or sever lag where they can not play on 1522 im just the only one looking for answers most just log out and thank you highsaint

Thank you for your reply iamlbm and we’re glad to see that the issue hasn’t happened again yet!

Next time it happens, if it does happen again, please let us know the location on the map and if the issue occurs on other servers as well please.

Until then, continue conquering the lands!

Happens to me occasionally on server 1000, at totally random times, and anywhere on the map, so it’s definitely a server side issue not client side.

so i unpluged my cable and have been using wifi rofl and somehow the game does not interrupt that idk the game must do something to the lan which should in fact run faster then the wifi and more reliable i really couldnt tell you

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