Dead body nowhere

so sick of getting killed and spending 30 mins or so to get back to my body and 90% of the dayum time you can’t recover your gear because your body is gone… Love seeing you log out and back in to try and get it to pop up and watching your death point on the map just start running away from where it was… fix this thats just messed up!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

It seems that this wasn’t fixed properly after all. Grave stones don’t always show up, in the exact spot you died. Some times you have to ignore the grave stone, and just go where you know you died, and keep your fingers crossed.

Confirmed on EU official 1052.

Died, ran back, corspe not on the spot where I died. Grave icon on map on totally different place, but on the route I had taken before. Went to the spot: no corpse. Almost gave up but went back one more time to the spot I knew I died and there she was.