Dear Funcom...for my 60th

Dear Funcom

My 60ths birthday is June 12th…can you please give me a Quillin mount as a birthday present?


or a Jersey cow


Marking my calendar :partying_face:

Gratz on Level 60 !

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I am glad you are still unconquered. I hope you will remain like that for a very long time !!


Happy pre 60!


Thanks all

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Happy 60th

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Happy Birthday!!! :beers: :gift: :clinking_glasses:

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You got your Jersey cow?

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Happy Birthday !!! :birthday: :partying_face: :wink:

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Happy Birthday ANUBIUM !!!

Surprise !!! … in the perfect Conan color :rofl:


Thanks all…went to the casino to get buffet and lose some money…first ten I put in on penny machine bid 1.20 and won 105 dollars (bonus rolls) and went home


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Congrats! 105 on a penny machine is pretty good. Now if you had maxed bet, or boosted up to a .50 cent machine, ho boy! don’t know where you are, but if it is a native American casino with VGT or IGT slots, I found those are better than other casinos. But it’s good a hit, gratz!

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