Death Decay Timer too short PS4

Here is the scenario
I’m helping a friend with these bats in the scraps I go up a little farther and I’m near a ledge and at that moment Either My ISP has a hiccup or the server.
I get back in the game and I’m now way out in the desert No choice just way far away.
So I start hoofing it back to base which is in the Jungle and I get half way there and the server is resetting in 5 mins msg pops up so by the time I’m able to get back to base at least 8 mins has expired. I gear up and get back to the cave as you can see and no loot was to be found I hang around looking for 1 hour nothing My Death Loot icon was still showing.
I went back to camp and logged out 4 hours later I log back in and the Death Loot Icon is still showing so I go look again still nothing.

10 Mins is entirely too short to get anywhere in this game where you have to travel from 3 extreme locations even using map rooms.

Way back in the day when Everquest first launched when we died we had 2 hours in which to recover granted it was a much larger map but they at least gave you the opportunity to get your stuff back
Not to mention your tombstone is sometimes very hard to locate in Bushy areas.
looks like we just missed the extended base decay as out Maproom in the volcano is now gone.

From your event log it looks like your loot was there for 42 minutes. However I think the server restart probably made your death marker (not the one on the map) but your actual tombstone and body disappear. Sorry for your loss.

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