Decay problem suggestion for Funcom

I have an idea for the decay timer problem. What if each player was given a customize-able banner/flag that was unique to each player. The player could place the banner at a chosen base location where the flag would constantly update the players location and renew the base so it would not decay. This would be the players ‘main’ base. The purge could still attack as per normal. The banner has a moderate radius so that it would only cover a reasonable amount of space and any built bases outside that area would be subject to heavy decay. Players can move the banner and relocate their bases. Want bigger bases? No problem, higher character levels, special rewards and hidden treasures would allow players to increase the size of their banner and grow their influence in the world. Clans can combine their banners to build larger structures as well. As a casual gamer I believe this would solve the ‘I can’t always log in’ problem.

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