Decay time resets when the server restarts

Hello all,

My server has a problem that the building decay time resets when the server restarts even the building’s owners are not online. Did someone find the reason and solution???


Uhhhhh so first as you have no information.

Private or officials

If official please say number and type

If private contact the admin/server owner

On server restart the timer reset when not online is this for you or another or every one

How long has this been going on for/ when did it start

Give some time after restart and check the decay time again as it might still be right on server but currently not display the right time check it the leave area and mess around away from your structures and come back to see if it’s updated or not

Hello! I have exactly the same problem.

After each server restart, all buildings, even abandoned ones, reset their time. This means that as an admin I can’t tell which buildings are abandoned and which are not.

In addition, the bubble from the altar also does not turn off because its time is reset after each reboot.

I have several private servers and they all have this problem. We had the same problem when the server was located in Gpotal services, GTXGaming and now on own private server machine too…

I set up the server configuration as an official server but the problem persists (on a separate server machine).

I would like to ask the admin staff for help. Its very problematic…

@minhdat2401 @Gloatingtomb6 @Funcom
If you know the answer, please tell me the reason.

Guys: @Skua @LunatiK did you solve problem? Did you get any message from support @Mayra ?

@LunatiK The same as in your massage after the server restart server age is 0 days.
@Mayra Hey, we have just noticed another symptom which may be related to the wipe-reset bug.*
In the Server-Browser on Server-Age it shows 0 Days since the wipe. Normally this should go up as time goes on but it doesn’t.
May you wanna pass that to your team, maybe it helps resolve the issue.

Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for reaching out. Our team is trying to reproduce this internally for a while now.
Could you share with us some of your files?

  • Server saved file (db)
  • Logs
  • serversettings.ini file

Feel free to poke us via direct message if you prefer by tagging @Community
We appreciate your cooperation and support.

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I wrote direct message. Thank you for your response

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Has there been a solution to this issue? The thread leaves it in ambiguity.

Sure :man_shrugging:

Here you go:

:brazil: servers bug
Sim isso acontece quando para o servidor, você não deve clicar em parar porém isso deve ser indicado em outro post que fala diretamente sobre o servidor dedicado DSL… Qual a versão de seu servidor DSL?

Acho que @Toolguy poderá te ajudar sobre essa questão se estiver usando um servidor dedicado em sua máquina “PC” DSL

Meu servidor já está com mais de 70 dias ON-LINE então e recomendo que não fique desligando seu servidor toda hora pois deve ficar ligado sempre para mostrar os dias corridos… Não irá funcionar se está desligando o servidor dedicado todos os dias ele mostrará os dias somente se estiver ligado por 24 horas sem parar ou desligar 24/7 :star_struck: