Decay timer based on tiers as well as size/numbers of structures

I can fully understand the current 6 days decay, specially in the early time of the game.

However is there any long term plan to raise this? And if so, for how much. Personally I would like to see 15 days decay max.

In ARK they use decay timer based on building tier as well. Maybe it could be possible in Conan Exiles too. Say T1 6 days, T2 9 days and T3 15 days.

In the long run of the game it would be beneficial to cover 2 weeks in terms of decay for normal life events :wink:

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While I think that there needs to way to raise the decay timer beyond 6 days, I am not a fan of linking it to structure tiers.
I don’t want to get further penalized (lower HP of the structures) just because I like to build a base out of T1 stuff since I like the look of it.
If it would be enough to fill in 1 tile of a higher tier that then shares its timer with the rest though (it’s usually possible to implement a “hidden tile” somewhere), then I would say “ok”.