Decay Timer, for Singleplayer on Console

This may be an obvious one which I have simply missed through poor observation, but I will ask anyway. I play Singleplayer Offline on ps4. Do we have a decay timer active by default on this mode!? And if so, where do we go (admin panel or otherwise) to disable it on consoles?

I think it may depend upon what level of difficulty you set your game on.
I recently started a single player on PC and read that decay was present for “barbaric” level of difficulty.

No idea, but I assume Ps4 is the same as PC and you can access the server settings via the settings menu and after activating admin permissions.

At this stage Im still on my starting difficulty, this being ‘Civillized’. However, having now obtained all the artifacts and slayed several world bosses, I intend to bump it up very soon.

That said, I… doooont know how much you’d be effected by decay unless you don’t visit particular buildings for a long stretch of time… Being singleplayer, to the extent of my knowledge it doesn’t continue running when you’re not playing. Of course if you’re like me and have other buildings set up around the map that you don’t frequent, I suppose it’d be better for those buildings to remain intact… just watch out for the purge…

It’s in server settings when offline u can turn off timer completely and turn off thralls needing to eat aswell

Hi @Chaos31469 Im looking for it now. Call me a bit daft if you will, but Im not 100% sure which option in is. My best guess is ‘Abandonment’. There is Disable Building Abandonment (unchecked) & Building Decay Time Multiplier (set at 1.0). Is this it anyone…!?

Yep. If you tick the “Disable building abandonment”, your buildings won’t decay.

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Ok sweet. Thankyou Kapoteeni.

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