Help on ps4 decay

How should be the settings for a 7 days decay rate for a private server?
I changed building decay rate from 1 to 0.5 but still says 360h

That’s accurate since normal decay timers are 168 hours. But is there not a setting to disable decay timers all together?

I have a good friend that might help , @sestus2009 can you share some of your knowledge here ?

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In the g-portal setting, there should be a setting that is decay timer. It is done in seconds, so you will have to multiply Y x 3600 (Y being how many hours you want for the decay). You do not have to set the slide to .5, just put that back at 1.


Maxbuildingdecaytime and maxdecaytimetoautodemolish I have
Which one?

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Maxbuildingdecaytime is the one you want.

maxdecaytimetoautodemolish is how long before it autodestructs after it enters decay state.

Here is a chart…the settings column is the number you will enter.

Total days Settings in seconds in game visable hours
7 604800 168
14 1209600 336
21 1814400 504
28 2419200 672

Did you save after you changed the settings. Decay on my server is 293 hours or close to it. Have part time players but buildings are disappearing and the abandoned thralls except a couple above crocodile boss pond. Not home now.

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Thank you for the tip didn’t realize it was in seconds.

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I believe it is max building decay timer but I would double check with some one else.

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Is there anywhere default settings list?

Thank you for helping here :+1:

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