Decay timer reset BUG ABUSE on official Funcom servers

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug + Abuse
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: Europe / Russia

I want to draw your attention to an old well known bug that is not fixed even today. It’s About how one clan on official PVE-C (and probably PVP or PVE servers) can reset full decay timer to another clan’s buildings/structures.
The problem with that bug is it’s being ABUSED to save BANNED (for cheating or other reasons) clan’s structures and loot by using it (bug) from another Steam account, so these banned people can simple start playing on the same server and renew their bases till the ban expires (friends or family, who owns the game can do it for them too).
It’s also used to prevent other players to loot decaying bases, by bug abusing and resetting decay timers to maximum w/o the need of owner’s attention. Logic is simple: “If I can’t loot it myself - noone will”
Also I want to ask Funcom authorities, is there any sanctions to the players who use described bug abuse or not? Are they deserve ban too, cause on a server I play recently one clan boldly abuses this “timer reset” bug, and I think it’s unfair Conan Exiles community ruining practice.
I’m not going to describe the mechanics of that BUG ABUSE here (and I never practiced it myself), but I want to hear clear response from Funcom authorities and moderators.
Also I will gladly report people who abusing this bug to Funcom, if it will cause disciplinary actions against bug abusers.
If not, well, I will not report any other bugs to Funcom, cause it’s a WASTE OF TIME.

Thank you for reading this!
Hope to see some attention to this matter.


Hello! Yes, a really unpleasant mistake … I personally saw how it was used and I will be very happy if it is corrected

Yes, this is a very old problem, and very unpleasant. We were sitting near decayed building with concurring clan for 7 hours, and just before server restart, around 6AM Moscow time, that concurring clan updated decayed timer by using this bug, and they did that before and later day with another decaying base. We can post screenshots with the decay timer 00:00 and another one just after, then it was updated to 168:00, and the owner of the building did not join the server. That was on official Funcom PVE-C server #1214. Thanks.

So what’s the big deal?

Are you waiting to raid a decayed base, but you can’t because someone else refreshed it? Is that the extent of this?

and then Funcom foundation wipes them for excessive land claim and they come on the forum to cry how unfair that is :slight_smile:


I’ll chime in my unasked-for $0.02;
the use of enemy explosives to reset clan decay timer is either a bug or an undocumented feature;
if a bug, it should be fixed;
if an unintended side-effect or undocumented feature, it is an undesirable one and should be fixed.
IMO the only thing that should reset a building’s decay timer is an owner/clan member being logged in and nearby to increase it.

Not that this will matter, as I doubt that the issue is of any concern to Funcom at all. I expect no change.
But that’s my $0.02.




Yes it is. And the man from the abandoned building did not enter this period of time

I use this only to refresh others players maps (placed bomb to refresh timer) ,:blush:

“Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience. For instance, item duplication, stashing of materials under the world terrain (undermesh), crashing servers or other player’s clients, accessing forbidden areas of the game and abuses of the building system of the game to negatively impact server and client performance.”

Duration of a ban

In many situations, we will proceed with a temporary suspension as a way to warn and deter against repeating infractions.

In cases of exploiting and abusing of in-game mechanics, the suspensions will range from a duration of 1 week to 1 month depending on the extent and gravity of the abuse.

These are official Funcom rules, stated here:

Our server was chocked by a large clan that spammed their laggy buildings around. We managed to get them banned… Only to get them refreshed by this bug. Yes, one of their building that was blocking the boss spawn was removed, but c’mon…

We all continue to update the posts on the official server number 1214 …

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