Decayed Bug say after 1 hour mostly everything decayed

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[Decayed Bug]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Okay I go to a certain area like a almost good hiding spot for like a stash I place down some boxes put my clan inventory in them.
2.So after I got everything put up for safety i come back online with several of the things gone say it was abandoned after just one night sleep.
3.I wanna know can I get a server reroll or something i lost 200x Hide, 2x Star metal pick axe, 22 thick hide, brimstone 608, stone consolidant, armorer bench, artisan table, feather 100, especially lost 2170 iron bar took me days to farm that, iron reinforcement 17,
4.Any way to get any of that gear back cause honestly it been literally a hour something since they verify it as decayed

That happens when placing a detached items like a single box in middle of nowhere (think campfire while out wandering) not near any of your stuff. Far as I know it’s not a big, it’s intentional.

You need to place something more substantial like a few foundations, a bench, etc. or have it be somewhere in reasonable vicinity of your current base(s)… otherwise game thinks it’s a transient item and will give it a 1hr decay timer.

If you carry a repair hammer with you, it shows you the decay timer of your stuff in the notes when you mouse over it. Which you can check before wandering away and losing everything.

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