My base became decayable right after server shut down and start up? Help

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My base completely disappeared and so did my clan mates. We had server shut down and start up but after two days every time it shut down and turned back on it would take one of our buildings with it. We were built in areas that did not break the rules and this is not the first time this is happened to me. This is the first time it happened on this server though.
This used to happen all the time on my old server that’s why I left it I just made all the new benches and gathered materials and my castle and everything else is gone
Server 3512. I have contacted Zendesk about the server before they said everything would be OK and then the update happened and ruined everything more

Fish traps and lobster traps are completely broken unless you have a well. I would hate to trash the game but at this point what else can I do. It doesn’t matter if I check my bases or if my friend checks are bases. My stuff will still disappear

This is fun now the servers down completely I wasn’t an hour it is still not up. I’m so happy I was roaming around the map at the time now not only did I lose my houses I’m probably gonna lose what’s on my body as well

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I think it’s interesting that nobody’s gotten back to me from Zendesk about this problem or on this forum. That shows me that I should just delete the game

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