Serisouly?! Every server restart "decays" our inventories (Solved)

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

OMG, every day I sign back on, really hard to obtain items decay and I wake up without my inventory. Today, my chest, full of Flawless armor that took forever to craft and customize is gone. Daggon Daggers, Dragonbone Great Sword -All of it in my inventory or chest - Decayed.

That’s something that you MUST fix. THAT is what causes people to quit playing games. Spend an hour making a suit of armor, sign off for the night, come back on to enjoy it and ------ nothing. It decayed. WTF!

would you mind sharing a screenshot? decayed or lost stability?

Thank you developers for the event log. Apparently, my stuff decayed for a reason and it’s a good reason for my suggestion about having the ability to have a Private Lock system for chests.

Apparently, one of my noob clan members came on (LVL 17) all by himself, took all my armor to use (which is fine if he had help) and got killed. Then he left for the night and didn’t get his loot back. (Bonehead) Hence the decay.

It took a bit of tracking but we found the events that prove this…It was the restart that refreshed the log that showed it to us.

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Someone will be flogged tonight.


We stripped him of armor, gave him a practice sword and told him to drink the cool purple potion…Now, try to survive. LOL He’d never been to midnight grove and was like…"Are you serious? WTF? What is that? OMG Something is attacking me…Ooop…I’ m dead.

Sentence carried out 6/1/2019 LOL


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