Decrease in lighting or texture quality in Exiled Lands?

Yeah, I think that’s whats happened. They changed the lighting to improve Siptah and either didn’t care or didn’t notice that it messed up Exiled Lands in the process (probably a bit of both).

I mean, Siptah is their new favoured child now so maybe they are trying to encourage players to move over to it /shrug

Lot of stuff in here sounds like a typical “I swear something changed because of a patch” when nothing actually did. A lot of what you are all claiming changed could be attributed to simply your gamma bar being reset to something that it wasn’t at before.

You have somebody claiming the torches were changed. Nope, it would show up in the change log if it was, even if it was a tiny change, it would show up. The only torch that showed a change was Radium. That’s just one example. Heck, not even Ultra_Dynamic_Sky was changed, and it would need to be to at least even remotely match people’s claims in this thread that the “entire lighting system was changed.”

I’m pretty much certain I’m going to get yelled at for even suggesting that what at least some of what you are observing could just be a placeabo because you heard there were going to be optimizations. You heard how they were addressing some poly count and texture changes and decided it must mean they changed EVERYTHING (they didn’t. Your patch download would have been HUGE had they done so. Like, HUGE).

As for as what I can see, I’m not seeing the things being reported. The eyeball test seemed like everything was normal. But I don’t really need that to tell me. Patch size and the relatively small change log (in comparrison to past change logs which were HUGE, like the 2.0 update) tells me that everything appears pretty normal to me.

Yeah if they turn their gamma and mess with it will be normal again assuming they are not using mods but as far as I know there was not change. But to be honest we both know in life that this will happen somewhere by someone at sometime which is unfortunately extremely common these days which is a crying shame (if you get the commercial that’s from :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) trying to give you a laugh here

Not yelling here, just discussing…

Let’s assume you’re right and nothing was changed. Why wouldn’t a Funcom community rep simply respond to this thread, or one of the other ones that raises this issue over in the PC updates forum, and just state that nothing was changed? It would take them literally 5 mins to do that and it would put the issue to rest - they’ve done it in plenty of other threads. It would be so easy. But they are keeping quiet about the issue, for whatever reason.

Now I’m aware that that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but you have plenty of people reporting this issue from a mixture of singleplayer and private and unmodded official servers and several have provided screenshots to back it up. You have even said yourself that they were addressing some poly count and texture changes and the patch was almost 10GB if I remember correctly - which is large enough to have made plenty of changes to selected landscape textures (I mean, how large do you think the pak files are?). A lot of these paks were changed in the latest update, including Environment.pak, TextureMax.pak, WeatherEffects.pak, to name just a few.

Now as for me, I didn’t even realise that they were making changes to textures before I noticed it in-game. It was only when I saw the difference and tried to investigate the cause that I found it mentioned by Funcom, so there can’t be any confirmation bias there.

But hey, if a Funcom rep wants to post here and swear that no changes were made to landscape textures or lighting, then I’ll believe them. But until then a lot of the answers from the relatively few players denying the changes just sound to me like “I swear nothing changed because I personally can’t tell the difference and I love this game” (sorry, that was a cheap-shot based on what you said in your opening tirade… felt like it needed a response).


Its horrible, log on to renew timers only, until its fixed.


Only response I’ll be replying due to your last sentence. I knew I should have just stayed out of this thread.

Let me again say the part you ignored in your response.

Funcom releases a public list of every filed added and changed for the dev kit every update. The change portion of said report was not nearly big enough to cover 10 gigs. But the additions, most of which were Siptah related, would cover that ground. And again, if there was SO MUCH texture and poly changes to actually affect frame rate, it would not be 10 gigs. It would be like, 50, with a lot of it being due to having to run granite (3rd party UE4 plugin used for performance) all over the files again.

I prefer hard data over player eyeballs. And what I’m seeing is not what is being reported by people in this thread. What’s extra weird is that even if there was a significant change to meshes and textures that you claim there is in the name of optimizations (and again, the evidence I’m seeing shows that this isn’t the case), I thought “optimizations” is what players wanted? I mean, I hear it all the time how the game “isn’t optimized” and runs like crap, right? So wouldn’t you be celebrating better frame rates?

I’m not saying that “nothing was changed.” However I am seeing a lot of hyperbole in this thread that does not measure up to the data.

That last sentence was mirroring your previous opening comment almost exactly. I don’t just say those kinds of flippant things out of hand unless provoked. You only have yourself to blame for that. But you’re right, I shouldn’t have risen to it.

If you’d rather have stayed out of the thread, then you always have the option of deleting your posts. But your comments are always welcome as long as they remain civil.

No-one is saying “SO MUCH” and I don’t think anyone mentioned meshes either. You’re adding that yourself to exaggerate your point. The only texture changes I’m seeing have been general landscape textures (not rocks, trees, buildings, characters, placeables etc etc) and the changes don’t need to have been huge in order to have a big impact both visually and performance-wise - you simply need to remove (or reduce the intensity / displacement strength of) things like bump maps or normal maps which would make the textures appear smooth and less detailed, but still produce a significant increase in performance. Its those things that give the landscape its appearance of fine gravelly detail - not ultra-detailed meshes. I think thats most likely what has been worked on.

I don’t imagine that this is the kind of change that Funcom would bother listing for the dev kit, because who would it help? But who knows?

Of course, it could just be the lighting change causing the textures to appear worse than previously, as lighting and post-processing can have quite a big impact upon how textures end up looking. But considering they said they were working on the textures and the fact that they do look worse now suggests it could easily be a factor.

Personally, I never called for optimizations. I’m happy with the way the game used to run and I liked the better textures and lighting.

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Funcom probably thinks the same thing, LOL that’s probably why all these patches are dumpster fires.


With that out of my system…I had a car that the mechanic told me that there was no way that what I thought was wrong could be wrong because his computer said it wasn’t possible …so I took it home and changed what my gut told me was wrong and guess what?..

If it would be gamma change, adjusting gamma should be able to put it back to what it was. It doesn’t, it will only make things even worse. Yes, that was the first thing I assumed might have happened.

Also, if it’s not mentioned in patch notes, that might just support my assumption that something broke, rather than intentionally making things look so lame. And if so, hopefully it will get fixed.

It’s not the gamma, mine is always set to 2.20

one is before 2.3 (a long time ago, notice the UI is an older verison)

I tried playing with the gamma volume a bit to see if the new 2.20 could be different than the old 2.20 and nope, there is nothing match the 2.20 of the old version.

the different setting in here is the opt volumetric fog (I should included this) and this is also not it.

Honestly I logged into the game before I read the patch notes, I didn’t even know there will be graphic changes in 2.3 and I saw that the brightness has changed before I looked up in the forum to see if someone else has the same issue, and boom… first topic on the forum so I posted what I saw (every setting is the same, before and after patch) no bias or placebo or drugs included here.

Here I tried to replicate a screenshot I took from before the 2.3

this is before

and this is after

Both pic were taken at the same time of in-game day (around 11 more or less, compared by the shadows of those small bushes)

I repeat both pics were taken with the same graphic settings, gamma etc. etc. also no mods.

I’m not trying to prove or argue anything, just throw in what I see and pics that there is something going on and that Funcom could have missed it, no need to be snippy here. I understand what you said about evidences, hard data and all and I agreed so let’s wait for the official response.


The wildest nonsense, and based on the assumption that someone there is under psychological expectation that something came up. Look at the screenshots before you come up with a whole story based on nothing. This is stupid, to say the least.


On a low graphic, the changes are much more noticeable.

Over the years I’ve spent playing this game and lurking in this forum, I’ve never felt the need to create an account to post about any of the contentious topics that have cropped up until now.

When I bought the Isles of Siptah I was excited to explore a new map. That was, until I experienced the “night” of Siptah. With the old maelstrom lighting the nights were horribly bright, even during storms, with little to no purpose behind placing light sources at your base or carrying a torch with you. I found myself returning to the Exiled Lands thinking that perhaps the lighting would be adjusted on Siptah further into development.

As someone who grew up camping in areas far from light pollution my two favourite places to build in EL were the jungle and highland forest, because night was dark. In the hours before dawn in a deep forest it should not be possible for you to see your hand inches from your face without a source of light (starlight being insufficient, moonlight being inconsistent). Now, I understand that this is a game and arguments on the basis of realism are widely derided if they don’t serve the preference of whichever person happens to be speaking; I don’t expect the nights to be as dark as I would personally prefer. At this point, however, there seems to be no night at all. Having locked the time at the darkest hour I’ve wandered around the EL and found no point at which I would require a torch.

I don’t know what’s prompted this change, and I doubt that Funcom will be changing it back now that the lighting has seeped from IoS to EL rather than the reverse. Whether it’s for the sake of people with bad eyes, to lessen the need for light sources which seem to tax the servers overmuch, or some other reason, I can’t say. What I can say is that I find it disheartening that a game billed as a survival title has inched further and further away from it. Anything that introduces dynamic difficulties, requires preparation, or offers any sort of challenge from the environment is slowly stripped away. Temperature and carry weight has been irrelevant for a long time and now light joins them.

I’ve seen suggestions for an admin panel option to allow for private server and single player adjustments to the day/night light scale. While I know neither the complexity nor feasibility of the idea or its implementation, I would like to offer my support for such a solution if it is possible.


This! As a sensation based player, one of the things that I really loved about the game when I started couple months ago was the dynamic richness of light, and tha actually dark nights that did indeed mean light sources were useful and necessary.

That is why I hyped the game’s lighting environment to people and sharing screenshots. Now I don’t feel like promoting anything, it feels so much more “like any other game”.

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Please , do not treat us like we are all computer noobs and can not tell if Gamma has changed and fix it ok. Conan’s hair has gotten small bursts of purple on the ends it when you meet him at the start of the game when he turns its got a purple tinge , that is not a gamma setting. Every single smelter sitting at a furnace’s hair and front of body is washed out almost white by the fire light. The trees look washed out if you are not right on top of them and there is like a film of white smoke when you look across the landscape. The edges of the water if far away are pixilated , it looks like LOD changes , like the LOD has been decreased but you tell us we are not really seeing this or that we are having mass whatever. I run my game on ultra I notice changes. I know how to adjust my gamma too ty. You can stand on noob river just below Sinners Refuge on the island that has all the Kappa and look across towards Sinners and see the LOD is different , the whole hill is bare not even an animal or a tree shows up.

If the LOD had been changed it would have just over written the other LOD and the size would not have changed hardly if any. So just to say our eye balls are not seeing things that are not there as I am sure our brains are smart enough to check or adjust our gamma thank you.


It looks stretched out, but definitely different.

Looks more like the fake sandstorm. Maybe something changed and the fake sandstorm doesn’t fully reset. Meaning you will continue to get white wash even with the fake sandstorm off in the distance.

Maybe logout, fully restart the game, and see if the white wash is still there upon login. Make sure you don’t login to the fake sandstorm.

My 2 silver coins…

Personally the only difference I’ve noticed is that the game seems to run much better. And whatever they did in recent patches seems to have really optimized base game building blocks. Lots of variables like switching from local host to an actual server, changing out computer parts etc, but I’m having a much better experience with the game now than in previous runs.

Even the fact that I’m caught up in the gpu shortage and bottlenecked with a 1070ti and medium to high graphics settings I’m still constantly impressed by how pretty the game is tbh. Sure it’s not some AAA eye candy game, but for an open world with as much depth as CE has, I think they’re doing an awesome job keeping the game pretty, and full of beautiful areas that all make you wanna settle down in them <3

My only gripe with the current state of things is that the jungle gets pretty overexposed and bright, but it’s still a cool effect and nothing lowered gamma can’t put an end to.

I have plenty of issues with how the devs seem to have bit off a bit more than they can chew by attempting to release a whole new map’s worth of content at the expense of much needed polish to the game as a whole, but those are gameplay concerns, and just a matter of time until they get around to addressing.

Graphicswise I’m honestly really happy with how the game has turned out so far, but that’s just my humble opinion.

It astounds me that people who think that because something is not happening to them it therefore is not happening to anyone else.


That sandstorm pic was a fresh sandstorm, I stood there for about 15 mins before it hit the area.
I also witnessed the same brightess sandstorm multiple times at different log-ins, after the patch.

The comparison pic(new) was also taken at a diffrent time at a different log-in.