DEDICATED Server Admins - Help with Database Schema / Finding Items etc

I’ve just recently been asked to assist with adminning a server.

I love exiles, but having much difficulty as we are on vanilla, and there are a few things that I would like to do but I am finding it tough.

Is there anyway whatsoever to run a sql query on game.db to find thralls / pets ? It seems this data may be stored in game_properties in BLOB format.

Is there anyway to find the location of structures via sql? once again this seems to be stored in BLOB format. This seems to be stored within a blob within the properties table.

Has anyone tried to decode this or found a way to for example run a query to find the x/y/z of bases - this seems to be stored in blob format within building_instances.

Does anyone have any clues / hints - i’m really trying my best to make a nice community - and being able to interrogate the in game data a bit would really help everyone maintain an efficient server

Thanks so much for any help that you can offer

Hey there,

I’ll DM you on the matter.