Dedicated Server not working

Hey folks. I am trying to set up a Conan Exiles server. I have tried it on 2 different PCs. Here is the information for the current one I am having issues with. It is not allowing the ports to go through.

Windows 10 Pro
Intel core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
16.0 GB RAM
No Steam client installed

Installed Conan Exiles – DedicatedServerLauncher 1.6.2
BitDefender security - Allowed launcher and the server through this firewall
Turned off Bit Defender - Allowed launcher & server through the Windows Firewall
Ports are forwarded on the router
Tried using the following:

Game Client Port - 7777, 7783, 7782
Raw UDP Port - 7778, 7784, 7783
Source Query Port - 27015, 27019, 27036
Rcon Port - 25575

Router is set to port forwarding. Using an Asus RT-AC88U router. I am unsure what else to do or how to get this to work.

DSL installation guide.

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