Having problems setting up a server (new to forums)

i’m new to forums and I don’t know if this is the right place to put this so if it isn’t my apologizes

so the problem i am having is that i can’t for some reason get my server working i’ve followed the instructions to the letter and have used conan exiles dedicated server app with no luck. i got in contact with my internet provider and they said it was something to do with my pc its self since all the ports are set up, i dont know what info to put to help so if someone could tell me and i’ll post it

Did you exclude the client from all security software?
Did you allow the ports through the firewall?
Did you forward the ports on your modem/router?

There’s a bunch of other things I’d mention, but you didn’t give very much information.
What instructions did you follow?
What steps specifically did you take?

i started off following this: https…survivalservers.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_to_Create_a_Conan_Exiles_Dedicated Server Guide …
and it worked but i couldnt connect because the password was wrong when i didnt set one
then i followed loads of random guides as well as the official guide, all the ports are set on my router and are allowed through my firewall both win defender (deactivated) and AVG ports 27015, 27016 and 7777
before useing the server app i managed to get one working but it was lan only on port 7777
i set my ip static in my routers DHCP reservation
and with all that the ports are still closed i dont know what i’m doing wrong

You didn’t specify is this is on a separate computer or you’re trying to run the server in the same comp as the game runs? Because there are steps that are different if that’s the case…

The ‘invalid password’ mention tells me that it is indeed the case that you’re wanting to run server and client in the same machine, but I’m not sure and I don’t want to give you misleading information if that’s not the case!

I am trying to run it on the same machine, sorry i should of mentioned that

In order to run the server in the same machine as the client, you’ll need to change the query port for the server so it doesn’t clash with the client.

I had to tweak the Engine.ini on the Server side and apply this… not sure if it’s essential, as you can also give the same info to the server via command line parameters when you launch it.


In my case, I’m not using the Dedicate Server Launcher app, just because I’m running my local server since before that app was made available and didn’t need to try it… I originally just installed the Conan Exiles Dedicated Server package from Steam, and then edited the INIs and made a new StartServer.bat separated from the one provided, and changed the launch command to this:


cd "<steam root>\Conan Exiles Dedicated Server" && start ConanSandboxServer.exe -multihome <your local IP address> -QueryPort=27017 -log

Replace <steamroot> with the folder where the Dedicated Server is located, and replace <your local IP address> with the IP address of your computer, it cannot be nor, it has to be a real IP address assigned to a network interface… you can look it up using the command: ipconfig /all in a Command Prompt window.

And set that .bat file to run as administrator. Each time I launch the server I get the steam errors, but you can just click them away and the server should start… and I can connect locally from the same computer and everything works… even Steam achievements.

I also had to apply some INI tweaks to the server INI files over time, but I’m not sure they’re totally essential to making it work.

Also, keep in mind that if you already have characters in your save and you want to move them to a dedicated server, you may have to edit the game.db file and change the account id of any existing character of yours to the new ID that server sees for you when you connect, so that you can keep playing your old char… it may not be necessary, though… so if it comes to that, I can try to explain how I had to to do it in my case (due to me using -nosteam cmd line parameter at some point, the IDs change when using that vs. having the Steam part working.)

i tried what you said and it worked to some extent but it is still showing as a lan game, is it just not possible to get it so my friends over seas can join

another question do i have to have my pc connected by Ethernet or can i use wireless?

It shows on Steam server browser at least?

If you intend to publish it to your friends, you may need to setup your modem/router to forward the ports to your local PC, unless you’re directly connected to the internet and your machine has a public IP.

If your machine is behind a router, what probably needs to happen is that the actual device with the public IP open to internet needs to be able to know that when someone tries to connect to port 7777/7778 and 27015 to 27017 it needs to redirect that to your machine, most routers have that kind of configuration on their setup pages.

Also, I think you need to open up a range of ports for it to work correctly, not sure on the exact range but it should at least include 27015 to 27017, and 7770 to 77779 over UDP, if I’m not mistaken.

OTOH, not sure how the server handles connections from the internet… I never opened my own server to the internet so I’m not sure how it will behave when someone from outside your local lan tries to connect.

EDIT: Also, it shouldn’t matter if it’s WiFi or Wired Ethernet, it should all work as long as ports are open and forwarded!

okay so 1st sorry i didnt reply i was at work. 2nd i tryed testing the ports on another pc (i can’t run the server from that one its a potato) and it cant access the ports like my main pc, i dont know why i followd the instructions for ports that my provider gave me but it still doesn’t work, i’ll see if i can get screenshots of the port section of my router. i dont know if it helps but my pc is connected to a wi-fi extender cus my pc is in a dead zone of my house

okay so i followed a tutorial for porting without going onto my router and i managed to get the server app the detect the ports but when ever i launch the server its still in LAN, any thoughts on how to fix this?

I don’t own this game yet, but depending on how the “server list” is configured, it may always show as LAN for you. Even if you used a different PC for hosting. Because you are on the same local network as the server.

Are your friends able to see it now?

Regular Wifi may be ok, for both hosting and playing if you’ve got a really good high-speed AC connection. Off of an extender in the boonies, it may become very questionable due to limited bandwidth and speed on the connection. If you’re on b/g/n, I wouldn’t count on it working.

Sorry for my late reply, i managed to get it working with that tutorial i talked about and was testing it with one of my friends from NZ since they had the worst conection (400 ping, they have a potato but insist on joining) and it worked fine after figguring out that i needed to give them my external ip for the server, i shutdown the server to set-up mods and to port over the save map we where gunna use, it worked for me and my friend from the US but not for my NZ friend (i think its cus of the map change) they are reinstalling the game to see if that helps. But all in all i think i have fixed the issue i was having setting up the server, thank you for all your help

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Hey there @Tabe_Soul ,

You should refer to official links when searching for up-to-date tutorials, see https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration

In addition, if you want, I could private message (forums, or on discord) you a link for any future questions regarding your server.

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