UDP ports on dedicated server not working despite being forwarded and whitelisted

Hello fellow Exiles,

I finally decided to give this game a try with a few friends, so I want to setup a dedicated server to get rid of the tethering.

For that I have a 2nd machine, where I used the official server launcher to set everything up, all pretty basic.

However I can’t seem to get the ports to work, for whatever reason. When I test the connection I get an error message, telling me that

timed out. is the server machine. So obviously those ports aren’t open as they’re supposed to be. But wait, those aren’t the default ports for a Conan Exiles server! No, I changed them, but the issue is the same with the default ones and I tried others in an attempted fix.

I’m aware that networking stuff is complex, so some more info:

  • port forwarding in my router is set up for ports 990-993 to

  • protocols are UDP and TCP, ports are internal and external

  • the server machine has a static internal IP

  • the server is allowed through the machines firewall, I even created blank rules for TCP/UDP in and out

  • the log shows no blocked connections on a connection test

  • disabling the firewall doesn’t solve the issue

  • using multihome or not doesn’t solve the issue

  • I monitored the ports used on my server machine and the ports used by the server itself. The ports I’m using are definitely free, no other process is using them.

  • I noticed that the server process actually uses other ports as well, no idea what that’s about. However these ports are TCP and adding them to the port forwarding list doesn’t help. No idea what those are about.

  • Port forwarding works for other games on my main machine, but the CE server has the same issue on both.

If I start the server I can see it on my main machine with the game client, however when I try to connect the connection times out. Also the server list doesn’t display a value for the servers age and shows the ping as 9999. I guess this is due to the TCP ports working, but the UDP, which actually transfer most of the data, do not.

For me that sounds like something isn’t working with the port forwarding of at least the UDP ports or the server doesn’t recognize them for some reason, but I’m at my wits end what exactly is causing it or how to fix it.

Does anyone have an idea what’s the issue here?

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