PC gamepass dedicated server recieving 9999 ping

I’m hosting a dedicated server from my PC using the “DedicatedServerLauncher” application and trying to join the server on the same PC using the Gamepass version of Conan Exiles.

In the application I have “MultiHome” selected, all ports forwarded (TCP & UDP) on my router, and I went through Windows Firewall and allowed ports there, and allowed the connection of the dedicated server application itself.

I seen others talk about using a different connection (like Ethernet) and the server works then, but I don’t have another connection to use. If anyone can help, please let me know!

If anyone could assist me, I’d appreciate it.

Are you using the default port 7777 or did you change it? From what I remember, you shouldn’t use the default port if you’re hosting the server on the same machine on which you’ll be running the client.

The default port did not work, so I changed the 7777 port to another port and forwarded that instead. It still did not work.

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That was the one thing that came to my mind. I’m not really an expert at hosting a private server.

Fortunately, I see that you also posted the problem on the Dedicated Server Launcher topic. Someone should be able to help there.

Good luck and sorry I couldn’t help.

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All good. I appreciate your time.

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