Dedicated server with mods / long loadingtimes / 9999 Ping

Hey everyone,

I hope that someone can help me with my Issue…
I have a dedicated server running on my own system.
We had multiple Mods running without any problems, until Age of Sorcery came out.

Our Plan was to switch from Savage Wilds to Age of Sorcery and start a new Map.

Without any Mods, the Map is running without any problems, BUT if we put just ONE Mod into Age of Sorcery (no matter which one) the following complications appear: the server is starting to run on a 9999 ping constantly, no matter if the Mod just got recently updated or not. The loading screens are also much longer than before and the game crashes almost immediately.

What could possibly cause these troubles? The ports are correctly otherwhise it wouldnt run at all.

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