"Defeat prey animals" Challenge / Wrong translation to Spanish

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Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Battle Pass

Bug Description:

I don’t really know if this is intentional, a bug or just something you didn’t notice. I was trying to complete this herbivorous animals challenge and it didn’t work when killing elephants. I was confused, so I checked on the internet to see if I’m wrong thinking that elephants are herbivorous, but I’m not! Elephants should count when completing this challenge.


I got this challenge again and switched to English to see if what in Spanish means “herbivorous animals” is actually “prey animals”. It is indeed a wrong translation that can lead to a misunderstanding for us, Spanish speakers.

The correct translation of the challenge is “Derrota presas” or “Derrota animales que son presas”.

Or maybe the elephants in the Conan universe are actually carnivorous. :thinking:

Is that a new challenge they added in Chapter 2? I can’t find it in the wiki, either. The closest thing I’ve seen to it in game is “Defeat Prey Animals”.

EDIT: I’m not just nitpicking here, by the way. If the word they used is “herbivorous”, then you’re totally right. But if it’s “prey”, then things are a bit different, because adult elephants don’t really have natural predators, but some predators prey on elephant calves. Conan Exiles reflects this: elephant calves are classified as “prey”, but elephants are classified as “beasts”.

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I think any non-hostile animals count as prey.

When I get that challenged it becomes Deer season or Wabbit Season

True, it could just be a simple translation issue. There was a post on the steam forums not too long ago asking about the “flood boss” because somehow going between Russian and English the word “surge” turns into “flood”.


Maybe it’s just the language; in Spanish it says “herbívoros” which means “herbivorous”. Maybe we’re talking about the same thing and the “bug” is actually a wrong translation.

Edit: or maybe I’m the one who is misunderstanding the task

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It’s probably a matter of translation, then. They should have said “animales de presa”.

Somebody on discord said cats count as prey and feline challenges.

I’m not gonna test it cause I’m not a monster.

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