Delving Bench Recipe chance lowered?

Can anyone confirm that the recipe rate has been lowered on the delving bench? Since the new patch 2.1, I’ve blown through quite a bit of Eldarium and star metal weapons with very little success recipe wise.

Several others on the official sever I play on are noticing a big difference as well… One fellow player did 22 delves with no recipes found.

Something definitely seems off.

Is anyone else noticing this?

I recommend dropping into single player and admin spawning in everything you need to check a larger sample size,

Before 2.1 I delved 100 hardened steel versions of every delvable weapon type.

I always had a success rate of between 15% and 25%.

I was getting anywhere from 3-5 recipes from 10 weapon delvs on average prior to the patch. Using Starmetal weapons

dont try to delve armors, i did over 70 armor pieces (from different sources to get the recipe of cimmerian chieftain) And it never happened , its totally broken.


Just delved 100 pride of aesir helmets to check a bug report, I got 31 recipes but all were pride of aesir recipes // 0 frost giant.

100 epic stygian raider helmets: 31 khari armor recipes (all 3 types).

100 godbreaker helmets: 0 black knight recipes (no recipes at all) // 0 from 100 rusted helmets as well

100 hardened steel spears: 31 spears (various types).

While the rate may not be reduced, some items don’t give what they used to …


Thanks for checking that Narelle.

Same here, been delving Hypborian Armor (The Helmet) And So far have Nothing after about 80-100 test samples.


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