Den Boss drops nothing?

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Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [North America]

Do “Claw” and “Rake” at the den not drop “Doom”, “Beastial Claws” or the Maw anymore? I’ve killed them multiple times in the last 2 days and they never drop anything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Kill the Green Eyed Giant Werehyena at den
2. Enemy drops nothing

Same thing on PC,noticed this after last patch.maybe they adjusted the drop rate,so it’s not too common

25% chance to drop Rake and Claw stuff, 5% for Legendary’s in general (pretty sure the same stuff that can be looted from chests). If it doesn’t hit either one, then they drop nothing.

Looks like it’s intentional, but that’s the stats as it is now whether or not that’s the case.

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So because the claws were strong, FC nerfed the droprate for EVERY item (at this boss)?
Again the most stupid approach to fix sth… Why not nerf the droprate from the claws only??

And are claws even a problem anymore since the nerf? The cries here or on reddit about claws have gone extinct.

This is FCs problem… They have 0 clue about balancing. Introducing OP items and then nerf them into oblivion. There seems to be no in-between…

Hello @jot29, as stated in the patch nodes below, the drop rates have been adjusted:

Should you have any feedback to share in this regard, feel free to share it in the General Discussion or Suggestion boards.

@jot29 Please don’t hijack others’ threads for asking unrelated questions and mind your tone, we’ll be happy to assist as long as you respect the community guidelines:

As for the CTRL+F searching, simply press the shortcut twice and it should go from the in-built search to the browser’s.

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I’ve not gotten a single drop from them in 3 days… This game has been getting worse and worse.

It’s not even fun anymore…
Who has fun farming items and thralls for weeks without getting what they want?

I’ve been trying to find Narr Goatfoot bearer forever and he won’t spawn at all. Took me 2 months on 2 different servers to find Kathibria Featherstep… Wow

Its a bug, as the changelog only says the claws drop rate got nerfed…

But i dont give a crap anymore… I know so many bugs (like the stuff where you need rare spice to cook doesnt provide heat bonus anymore - which even someone posted, gas-mask bug, etc.) but why should I make a bug report?
It wont be changed anyway… Like harvesting rate from blackblood skinning knife, because raising a number by 1 is way toooooo hard.

PS.: The rate for bearers is low… Like really low. I got rare armorers earlier than any bearer. But its not bugged… Got one ~2 days ago ath Mounds of the dead.

PPS.: Thx @Hugo for the search-tipp. And I was only little bit sarcastic… So dunno what was wrong about the tone.

@Sheet-Man We’ll be happy to share feedback and concerns regarding any specific drop rate to the team, could you please specify how many times have you killed them?

As we’re dealing with randomness, there’s always a chance that you’re being extraordinarily unlucky. :frowning:

@jot29 We take all constructive feedback seriously, keeping track of all sorts of requests and how often they’re brought up, which is why we ask that posts in this regard are made within the General Discussion or Suggestion boards. If they get enough traction there’s a higher chance for them to get considered by the developers.

I have killed them about 9 times and my 2 clan mates have killed them around 6 times each. I’m going to farm him for a few hours and count the times I kill him.

We have about 10 named bearers… 2 Eina, 2 Palor, 3 Amzadi, 2 Farin, 1 Kathibria… 1 Ulric… Maybe more in the wheel. Have to check.

Farmed the Den quite some time and I never got a drop, besides the claws.

Has anyone got any other Item from this boss after the update?

Seen this a lot recently but I have not farmed that spot since the patch.

Got the cleaver the first time I went in after the patch. Did not see the boss the next two times in. Haven’t been back. Keep forgetting it’s there.


Ok, so only the low drop rate in general seems bugged, when it should only be Claws which drop rate got nerfed.

And the boss rendering is kinda strange… You have to go really close up to make it spawn/render.

@jot29 Solo or server? Official or private?

I’ll do some testing later today.

PS4@Offical PvE server. So everything legit and normal settings.


Finally got a drop item… Doom. 3rd attempt of today.


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