Beastial claws from The Den are garbage?

Hey! I stopped playing a while back and I decided to return to once again become an exile. I was surprised to find out how badly the “Beastial Claws” have been nerf’d. Not only do they no longer have the fun long dash but they can’t be modified OR repaired at all.

I’m on PS4 by the way! I believe that the claws will stay as they are but why are they Un-modifyable? It was bad enough to find out the uniqueness of their very being was stripped but to be unable to use weapon mods on them was disheartening.

And, for fun, I made a little note sheet of the grind I did in the den. I can’t show it because I can’t send images as a new member but, the math I have so far is an overall 3/20 chance to get an item, you can respawn the middle boss every 15 minuets. So that’s 4 times per hour! The math totals out to; 47.79% chance to get AN item every hour :smiley:

ALL IN ALL, Could a Dev or Moderator please hand me some insight as to why the Beastial claws no longer dash and cannot be repaired or upgraded? Thank you (:

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