Why can't you buff bestial claws with weapons fittings?


Why can you not buff bestial claws with master/advanced weapon fittings? Whats up with that since they are weapons?

My problem is that after months of farming, I am still unable to even get a set of them to drop.

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The den has been nerfed so bad on RNG not to mention T4’s like the armorer it’s become a sad place to farm or even go to. It’s like the obsidian forge for value in game play. There is none.

Just another place not go go to when leveled.- no return draw.

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You are pretty much untouchable by the enemy you are figthing with. Until you run out of stamina… Because this weapon drains your stamina like no other. And with the inability to apply negative effects on enemies and apply poison on them, it’s a bit too much price for that single advantage. Plus no wepaon kits.
I mean I understand ithat it would be OP if you can stack bleed and poison faaster than with daggers and not worrying about getting interrpupted, but any kind of fitting would be pretty useful yeah.
I love them, so I hope there will be a solution for this.

You are already a beast without any weapon mods. It would be nice though.

Hehe, typical Funcom.

Players: noted/complained that the claws drop too frequently and are overpowered
Funcom: nerfs claws into Oblivion

I don’t understand Funcom. If something is slightly too strong/overpowered, then they go the full nuclear option and basically remove said item from the game with their way of nerfing. I guess this is easier and faster than doing actual professional game balance -> tune it down a little bit and observe the players and how it affects the popularity of the item then adjust it further if it is still too strong.

Since Funcom do not play their game, they have no sense about what is balanced and what is not.

Uff, the more I think about it, the more I actually hate Funcom.

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You were actually able to do just this. Apply poison on the claws. They also used to use less stamina than now. Also they had more damage.

The claws were pretty much OP at that state. So Funcom nerfed them (arguably too much).

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And the best thing is/was: Drop-rate of the claws got nerfed.

In Reality: ALL drops from this boss got nerfed. Good luck hunting the best cleaver in the game…


I never knew that!
I’ve got them to drop like 3 months ago or so.

They were only OP in PvP… PvE monsters dont care about OP weapons :wink:

Also, when the samina usage was still low, many abused them to “sprint”. As it was faster than normal sprinting…

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Was it really the best cleaver in the game? I thought chefs cleaver was the best one . Maybe i am wrong, i don’t know can you please give me more info why you name this stone cleaver best cleaver of the game?

Omg you are so right, i got bored to go to this werewolf and take norhing at all. The only good thing is that once in the day i go to den for a fast look because it has many goodies around, but still to gain nothing all the times is pain in the…

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I’ve looted some old claws from a dupper clan in my sv, they had poison and they applied 2 stacks per hit, until they were out of poison and you can’t re-apply.

It’s because Funcom does not reset exisiting items. Once a weapon is changed via a damage kit for example and Funcom decides to lower the base damage of this weapon, then the old modified weapons still have the old damage.

Same with poisons. It stil lremains on the weapon

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