Hugo, Advice for PvP - NERF CLAWS?

I’m really happy that you try every times to improve the game with new contents and fixing the things that ruine experience.
I think the claws now, with the new dodge, is really op if player know how use it and with 4 grit.
In my opinion , could be really belanced thing if you , funcom guys , increase the grit consumption when you use claws .
I know that you already done some times ago , but old roll was more fast and now , with 4 grit, enemies that you claws can kill you easy ( plus server really lag everytime).
It’s just an advice for give more importance to pvp player’s skills and not reducing everything spamming R1.
What do u think about ?
I’m really curious to know also what community think about it.

Enjoy and thank you for every things that you do for players !

Personally I would prefer that they did not. The drop rate for Bestial Claws has already been nerfed into the dirt. Furthermore, they have also had their damage nerfed already. Instead I suggest that you use a weapon with hyperarmor, such as a Warhammer.


Answer is no. Not alot people use the claws anyway, and since they are already nerfed we dont need to have them nerfed again.

Why did u not suggest something like buff daggers instead and make them faster like before? I kinda see why we get nerfs all the time when people that dont know how to PVP suggesting stuff like this all the time.


Bro it’s quite easy to counter them !
Just use a one handed axe and let him come to you … important is that your start your hit while he is „jumping“ to you …
Try it on single player with a friend to find out where you find the right moment to hit with the heavy attack :slight_smile:

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