Do something about Bestial claws

I’ve never complained about pvp in this game, or any weapons for that matter. Bestial claws need to be nerfed. They take 0 skill with the lock on ability. Pvp is very stale at the moment and has been very stale ever since the claws were put in to the game. Me and my tribe members fight each other, and when I use the claws I can literally play with one hand and almost kill them. The funny part is I kill them some times with one hand. I also find it to be most annoying when, trolls come to my server and we fight back and forth. Then 30 minutes later they all come after me and my tribe with claws and it’s a 4v4 with nothing but claws. Please make a change soon! Claws are meant to catch people or get away. Get rid of the lock on ability while the claws are equipped please. I do not find this style of pvp fun at all. Thanks, and have a fine day!


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always more balancing


If one weapon is OP compared to other weapons and you tone it down (nerf it) to match the other weapons, then you balanced weapons :man_facepalming:


Claws are fine. Probably a little too cheap stamina-wise, but they don’t give hyperarmor. I know its scary but put your spears away, spear meta was so last year. Use a hammer or a set of daggers, you WILL win every trade. As soon as they’re in leap range, Q lock and start swinging.

They’re also super hard to control, even when locked onto a target. Run at them at an angle so you’re headed behind them, they’ll dash past you every time. Run in circles, just stay slippery. Like I said, every trade is in your favor, claws don’t have super high damage/armor pen, so use a weapon with hyperarmor and body anyone who tries to cheese you with daggers. Claws are for ganks, there’s nothing to fear if you’re in a prepared pvp scenario.

Nothing more satisfying than having someone dash at you with claws only to not even land the initial hit and eat a full venom dagger combo.


Also for the record, pvp is not stale at all. Pvp is healthier now than it has ever been. Once, all you used was silent legion. After that, it was only spear meta. Now?

Claws, daggers, hammers, archery, axes, swords, heavy armor, medium armor, light armor, animal thralls, fighter thralls, archer thralls, bearers… even using bombs to kill players. You see pretty much EVERYTHING in pvp now. Darfari is still the most common, but I see people wearing everything and using every weapon to great effect. Combat meta has never been in a better spot.


Again, you’re thinking about garbage claw users in a 1v1 situation. Good claw users won’t just jump at you unless you’re low, and if you’re low, it doesn’t matter if you trade with them because they’re killing you.

Please actually read through the points made im the thread. It’s been said multiple times that in 1v1s they aren’t too much of a problem, but the team fight power and utility they bring is completely broken.

Try catching someone using claws if you don’t have them. Try getting away from someone with claws if you don’t have them. Trading doesn’t help when you’re getting ganked.

The problem is the fact that if you don’t have them you’re either dead, or not securing your kills. Skill hardly matters at all anymore because total noobs can just mash r2 and still be a threat.

And I can agree that most weapons have situational uses now. But the fact remains that if you don’t have claws, then you’re dead. Either that or you’re not killing anyone.


After reading all this hype about bestial claws and how “everyone” is using them, I decided to get a pair for myself to see just how good or bad they are. I have been assuming Rake/Claw spawn in the amphitheater, and have been camping it, but have yet to see them. Sheesh! With people commenting on mass PvP with bestial claws, it would seem that Rake/Claw are common spawns. Do they spawn somewhere else or are they an occasional spawn?

They are chance spawns at the Den


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