Bestial claws NERF

I don’t know how many posts you devs have ignored, but it’s getting beyond a joke. The claws are hands down the stupidest addition to a game I’ve ever seen. There is no argument that this weapon is op and the stamina cost of attacks at the very least NEEDS to be adjusted. Please do something before you lose ALOT of players. I’m sure I can speak for a large percentage of the player base this is driving us all insane.


lol I know how to counter claws but when your talking about a large scale battle 15v25 it’s a lot more challenging when you have 20 people with claws. Yeah you might have daggers lock on and absolutely mince one but while that’s happening you’ve been hit a few times by the other 20 people with claws and scorpion Q poisen haha and your fighting a losing battle since all your attacks cost 3 times as much stamina.


Superior numbers should have an advantage, no matter what weapons you use. I feel these claw discussions always revolve around how four people with claws can easily beat one player. Isn’t that how it should be?

If you’re fighting one against one, or five against five, or 20 against 20, are the claws superior then?


I can agree that you shouldn’t be able to use claws to more-or-less indefinitely use a weapon (claws) to move faster than sprinting speed. Not because it’s OP or whatever (I don’t care too deeply whether it is), but simply because it’s weird. That behavior was maybe okay on the JS claws because they’re on a timer, but not on a permanent weapon.

Other than that, it really does sound like the claws messed up everyone’s comfort zone, but it also sounds like they can be countered with the right equipment and tactics. I would’ve thought that kinda thing would make the PvP crowd happy??

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Thats the typical “nerf this PvP” player… I lost against 8 archers!! Nerf them!!

I lost against 4 users with claws!! Nerf them!!

You probably lost, because you were outnumbered? No? Just the weapon was the reason?



Claws are fine.

They have a narrow field of use (skirmishing, hit and run, chasing) and are bad in other regards.

You can counter them with any brawling weapon pretty hard (Greatsword, Hammer, Axe, Daggers)

Taking away their ability to chase would make them totally useless, for that is the only thing you can do.


That is an interesting theory. They were built with the dash being better than sprint to run down fleeing enemies. If so, then they should be set up like throwing weapons, which means cannot add poison, and really since they are a high drop, should do damage along the lines of 40 to 45, cripple, and maybe heavy does a +2 bleed on last combo strike, and maybe a alight uptick in stamina usage?

Serpent man throwing axes do 52 and are excellent at catching runners. There are plenty of options out there, this is why PvPrs say git gud. You just have to practice, I never knew the power of certain weapons when I first started. You play, hopefully you experience and learn - chin up buttercups.


1st off, i was commenting and trying to logically see the point they may have been brought in to help with chase downs. Not that i was agreeing or disagreeing with the comment.

The problem is really the negating of sprint when you have these period. Not just in PVP, but it literally replace a core game-play mechanic. It is akin to a reduced stamina usage private server. You can, what my clna mates called< “Sonic Roll” twice as fast across the map naked. So we would just stay in fighter builds, and roll naked every where. It was funny…, to a point, then it just felt like i was playing on chicken head mode of MGS.

The claws are terribly close to that.

Comments like Git Good and chin up butter cups means you have never posted about aspects you feel were unbalanced because your chin is always up, and you got good?

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One major factor affecting it’s strength is auto lock, if you disallowed auto lock while using the claws of jhebbal sag you’d significantly reduce it’s combat effectiveness.

It’d still be rather dangerous on PC because you can flick aim with mice but you’d have to work for your kill more regardless.

Personally I’d like this change along with increased stamina consumption. I don’t care if it’s a pursuit weapon. No reason why it should allow you to move faster and use less stamina than person sprinting.

Yea they definitely are still winning that fight because of how good they are. As long as they have like half spears/other weapons and half claws they win 99/100 times against people using no claws.

It’s not about winning 1v4s though. It’s the fact that being a skilled veteran player is worthless because noobs can run around in groups mashing buttons.

Myself and many others used to be able to win while out numbered because we were better players. Now we carry around claws so we can run from noobs mashing buttons, because you can’t outsprint that sh*t for some reason

And this next bit is directed towards everyone who just says “oh they don’t have hypr armor just trade.”

This. Does. Not. Work. Stop suggesting it, we all know you can out trade them IN A 1v1. Literally everyone knows this. Claws are a problem because they never run out of stam, arguably are the best poison stackers in the game, and move faster than sprinting. Not to mention with 40 strength vs light armor, they’re probably chunking like 1/6 of your health each hit. In team fights vs equally skilled players, claws are basically mandatory for chasing and running and confirming kills. And claws make 1vX impossible, no matter how wide the skill gap is.

I’ve actually started using purely claws myself lately. And guess what? I haven’t died in ANY fight since. I’m able to run from gank fests now, because I have claws. I can kill catch and kill claws users, because I have claws. I even win 1v1s vs good and decent pvpers using the supposed counter and trying to trade, because you can just bait them into trying to trade and waste their stamina because claws use like almost 0 stamina and can change directions on a dime. Not to mention claws make poke and roll a thing again :sweat_smile:.

That alone is enough to prove that they’re broken to myself. I’m literally unkillable running 35 grit.


Plenty of threads about claws … I’m sure they have seen it … I’m sure they said on stream the next patch will be beginning of September and fingers crossed they nurf them … best thing to do is just run around in a circle :joy:honestly try it,it works … either that or run and hide coz u will die hehe


No I’ve posted about unbalanced items that would damage the game. I’ll proudly stand behind my calling for a nerf of the acid arrows while they were still on test live. Not every new item is a good idea, and some of them are outright bad ideas (as I subjectively judge them for myself). I judged acid arrows as being a troll tool. I enjoy playing this game and don’t want to see it broken but I also don’t want it dumbed down by people that don’t care to put the effort into learning. If you want an easier, or more simple game then go find it instead of making this game easier. If this game doesn’t challenge you enough, same thing.
There was a full out war on a server last night that some people I know were in and they had a blast. Claws everywhere on both sides, bodies littering the ground and one side clearly won (and they were outnumbered). One guy went 8-0 and can obviously counter claws…there are people out there that make it work, why can’t anyone? Effort. Do we really need to adjust the damage down?
@WhatMightHaveBeen I didn’t tell people to get good, I said

So sorry, forgot you can’t kid with people anymore. But yeah, I got better instead of saying spears r too OP. I usually agreed and liked comments from anyone that said archer was the counter because well…duh. :cry:The spear has too much reach (arrows have more). I just hate seeing people ignore other solutions in favor of “make this easier for me”

not really, ive watched clips where skilled user get plenty of kills with no target lock. Target lock is just an option to make it easier for some.

@Shadoza I enjoyed the spear meta more over spamming RB … yes they can be countered too by skilled players but even they say they are becoming tedious…

2nd nurf I have ever agreed with … ( other wasn’t even a nurf it was names back on event log) found ways around LBS and crom sword but claws are making pvp boring tbh

To me claws are just for people that don’t want to “git gud” there just for people who have no skill :woman_shrugging: @Ranson


Agreed 100%.

Claws are not fun at all. In team fights especially. I respect a good claw user in 1v1, but in group fights it’s pretty much just button mashing.

Quit honestly, I don’t even use the sprint button anymore. I just carry around claws whenever I’m farming.

And the archery builds and sniper builds I used to love? Worthless. Free kill for anybody with an r1 or r2 button

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In all that, you never addressed how it entirely removes the sprint function from the game. That is the one area most are saying is the OP part. Stamina usage. It is supposed to be a weapon, but instead for many it is becoming a travel tool during non raid hours.

And as for entertainment, that will always be subjective. If i want button mashing, i will fire up the switch and play Super Smash Bros or a hack and slash. I prefer dueling and skirmishes to require strategy, or as much as possible. Spamming claws is basically hungry hungry hippos at this point in group fighting. Entertaining at first, but then just mindless game play.