NEED TO NERF the Siptah Claws and slight nerf Daggers or bleed in pvp and other things

So I am sure we can all agree Jhebbal and all forms of claws NEED a nerf and or removed entirely they don’t scale well with the current combat meta and almost everyone agrees the daggers light attack needs to not add poison or bleeds or any status effect because of the range etc. They have a really high and fast dps and to add it with a lunge equal to a spears range… and the roll hit priority needs looked into as well and the roll should get a Slight buff in distance and a little bit more speed of recovery to make the game have the fast paced gameplay it used to have. If you are having difficulty fighting lock on dagger spammers check out my video I posted about it to help you out. Alot of people in the pc community have said its the lock on that makes them o.p but that just isn’t true as in the last portion of the video even free aiming is broken with the items…

Here’s the yt link:

5/27/21 Edit: I see alot of people who obviously don’t pvp on the regular in this thread so one person said try a shield another said they’re not broken but fail to realize I can 1v2 two high tier level fighters and win but the minute claws are brought out I cannot win a single 1v1 fight against them which leads me to say the daggers and claws are broken… BOTH ARE BROKEN I will be uploading a video soon to showcase how the “The people forgot shields exist” and the PvE-C players can understand what I am saying about nerfing the Claws and daggers… daggers just need to use more stam and make it 1 status effect on light attack or no status effects at all unless it uses heavy attacks… that is it… Claws need a WHOLE COMPLETE AND UTTER OVER HAUL on how their animations work and or are used. Since they do not fit this style of pvp AT ALL anymore… if you want to argue with me about it lmk I can invite to a private server on my free time and show you first hand how Over Powered the claws and dagger meta really are and how stupid they can be against a player with 0 skill or a high tier player… new video below Claws and Daggers NEED A NERF PERIOD. Conan Exiles Weapons that need balancing part 1 Read Decrpt - YouTube

Basic summary:

EDIT 5/27/21: another edit to summarize the posts below EVERYONE that has comments agree CLAWS NEED A NERF and the player base here has kinda found a medium to work with… many agree but not all think that either daggers should be nerfed… however we a agree that there needs to be an item that cleanses bleed stacks again without an animations like herbal tea and so on. And I also think we should allow the old school set pots to cure bleed but idk yet. Set pots should have a max stacking ability of like 20 or 30 not 10… lmk if this is a proper fix. I am glad I could get through to a medium with people on this and get it to everyone’s attention. everyone agrees on the Please NERF CLAWS and add a bleed removal item that requires no animation to cure it. The community has spoken.


So far in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen cries for nerfs for potions, daggers, 1 handed axe and thrall damage. Every time funcom caters to these cries the meta just shifts and in a few weeks it’s something else that ppl want nerfed. At what stage are ppl willing to adapt and change their playstyle instead of forever trying to change the game to suit themselves?



Yeah I agree to a certain extent but not with how these weapons function in the current pvp pacing and fight style And everything else seems pretty balanced besides the dagger spam and the claw spam since the attacks are ridiculous etc and not only that you can just spam someone down with ease. Since light attacks do bleed and poison now… which is stupid… if they took off the poison and bleed status effect and made the claws a little slower or more cost for stamina it would balance out since atm if you have either of the weapons listed you can easily kill a really skilled player by spam because the game mechanics are not really balanced with them… I have been a BIG PvP player since the beginning of Conan and this is good changes or well… changes we need to see to help bring more balance to the game in pvp sense.

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Wait since when do light attacks cause bleed?? It’s been prob 3 months or more since I played pvp but I don’t recall light attacks having a bleed proc. Is this something new or I have I just been under a rock?


So you know that something is always the “meta” in PvP. Whether it’s Silent Legion armor, or spear+Darfari pants+dodge roll, or claws, or one-handed axe, whichever tool happens to be “in”. And nerfing that meta simply raises the next-most-broken thing to become the new meta. And then you’ll be asking to nerf that meta instead. It’s a neverending cycle, and basically never manages to achieve the “balance” you desire - especially with Funcom’s history of over-nerfing things.

Nerfing also serves to upset and annoy people who are used to using the tool getting nerfed. Upsetting people by taking away things they like is not good business strategy, which is why nerfs should be used only when absolutely necessary. Instead, designing e.g. certain weapons or armor to be effective against daggers would mean that you couldn’t use daggers all the time, but they’d still be good when not facing the counter-tech.


on siptah, new weapons do that, one new dagger is applying 2 poison stack in one light attack

That is an interesting idea and they should do something like that!!! Implement bleed and poison resistant armour… it would be a cool addition and everyone I know hates daggers and only uses them since the o.p light attacks with status effects and then the jhebbal claws lock on and spam is cancer to fight in a 1v1 situation and in Conan there is no such thing as a 1v1 so assume you’re always fighting 3 or more… all running claws and or daggers
… not good or balanced for the 1 skilled player to be able to defuse that but i get all sides and BOTH arguments and I think armour specifically for that would be nice. If it can actually work… but the way combat is designed rn with claws and daggers being the same as they were with fast rolling… their animation speeds don’t scale well over all and I think need looked at

On exiles jhebbal prowl do it too

They cause 2 bleeds on each light hit with jhebbal prowl or any siprah wep that is incarmine. Do you see my point a bit now on the dps speed type weapon that can stack it so fast and how slow the other weps kinda are not to mention poise/hyper amour


yup, but i will not ask for a nerf, just to make this weapons harder to craft, either more rare drop or more rare material to craft. in my experience when funcom do a nerf they simply use a nuke bomb, so all daggers will be useless and will be again in a situation were all weapons are the same (it happened after some people asked for nerfs on all 1 or 2 year ago). we need a game with lot of different weapons doing different damage, some rare weapons should be very op; and more op than other. personally i like the way it is on siptah with a lot of differents weapons op with differents effect, it’s what make a game rich, an i have no problem to die (im pvp player) and learn a way to counter. if better balancing, simply balance the drop rate of recipe, or material that it cost to craft.


I get the feeling this is always a problem for the outnumbered side, and never for the outnumbering side. Which begs the question - why don’t you bring your buddies with you into the fights, make the numbers more equal?

When medieval martial arts instructor Guy Windsor was asked which weapon is the best against multiple opponents, his answer was “an army”. In other words, if you need to fight many dudes, you bring many dudes with you, or you’re likely to lose. This is not a question of weapon balance.

Another observation regarding being outnumbered: the single combatant in these examples is always described as being a skilled player, and the group of people are “noobs” or “mediocre” or whatever. These examples never take into account the possibility that the group of players could also be skilled players - they always presume that the single player must be skilled, and the group must be unskilled, and thus the single player should have a fighting chance against the group.


And another nerf this weapon thread…

Iam tempted to reply to each with a number so we can track down how many times pvp ers will cry over an item that they CAN aquire but they did not and then the weapon owned em…


i believe this thread is started by the Flyhacks group, they cant seem to be able to understand that the game isnt just about spear sparring, theres different weapons for a reason and each one has its positives and negatives. Reading their Discord they said they would just keep spamming the forums about daggers till it gets nerfed. So Funcom dont think this is the majority of your player base its purely 35 people.


It feels like ppl forgot about shields existing in the game.


Daggers don’t apply bleed on light attack. Maybe some unique/legendary, but that doesn’t mean the whole weapon class should be nerfed.
There are other weapons that apply some kind of effect (venom-infused for example). That would be just pure stupidity to nerf 1H swords because of the venom-infused short sword.


Apparently some of them do now. I’m on console so haven’t experienced Siptah. I don’t think it’s a good idea if it’s true. Bleed on heavy attack is enough. Venom from light attacks is easily offset with set antidote so I’m not concerned with that at all. And if it’s only one or two unique daggers I’m ok with it.


I don’t own Siptah so maybe I live under a rock too? :smile:


It’s nice and warm under here :man_shrugging::joy:


Not how it used to be. I used to be a 4 man small clan and be to the level I was at with the guys to 30vs4… and win… no real reason numbers need to take place over skill. But still they need to balance the combat anyway… daggers need the status effects removed from their light attacks to make them more skill based and blooded claws and other claws need to be checked on the stam usage and the speed at which they attack and etc and how far they lunge… just simple things to fix imho

Try holding a shield against 2 people fighting you spamming daggers lmk how thay goes