Remove claws from the game


They’re clearly a weapon that has no place with the new changes. They were totally broken over the summer too. Archery you can tune the damage for, but these claws are a problem mechanically with the new roll and momentum. Claws have always been the most cancerous weapon there is and literally just promote facerolling, so idk why they’re still in the game

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…because they’re fun-looking and thematic weapon very much in spirit of Jhebbal Sag, I suppose, and the game would’ve become poorer without such unique pieces. I can’t think of any other explanation, but I think that should suffice.

I wish they could balance PvP and PvE separately so there wouldn’t be any need to mutilate the game time and time again in the name of balance.


PVP players will always complain about devs wasting time on PVE content and DLCs. PVE players will always complain about PVP-motivated nerfs. It’s the ciiiiiiircle of life! :stuck_out_tongue:




Maybe remove claws from PvP and PvE-C and let it only in PvE?

Then FC could also revert the Act of Violence back on PvE… I dont want to be the sidekick of my thrall and with the axe good dmg was possible.

If you don’t know how to fight against claws then sit inside your home. Claws are op only against new players

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SirDaveWolf is a new player :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Good joke! MMD :smiley:


How do you fight against them?

wow you guys are just bad, if claws can kill you. lmao

Just fight back, with anything else then a spear…

Claws don’t have hyperarmor.
Block the incoming attack with hyperarmor on your own and beat the snot out of them.

Their base damage is pretty low and they cannot be modded. Daggers counter them pretty hard, axes outtrade them.

I mean no offense, but the above video makes me cringe, it looks like they let him win, just for youtube.
They are constantly trying to run away from claws or fight back with spears, which are garbage against them due to no Hyperarmor.
That Axe guy always misses the timing to block the incoming charge and bombs kill anyone, not just people fighting against claws.


Hammers, shields.
If fight is on your territory build simple polisades
Don’t fight on smooth surface

Because they can’t really attack. If they perform an attack with hyper armor the claw user jumps out with left click (or rolls and then jumps out) and waits until they finished your combo just to jump in again.

If you want people to show how to defeat claws we can make a video together.


Lul i beat up yesterdy a guy whit claws setup that even was use a kind of animation glitch whit a 2 handed sword and then killed his god breaker wearing thrall and took all his stuff and he rage quite :crazy_face::rofl::joy::crazy_face::eyes:
Ps he even this kind of players that blocks the entier brimstone sea and he was try too kill low levels but then i was coming too save the day :cat:‍:motorcycle::cat:‍:motorcycle:

Oh at this video you see. Peps that dont now how too fight whit. 2 vs 1 claw user the claw guy is dead 1 person blocks him the other come from the back and good by never run away

why would you do a combo if he jumps out the way?

use a shield
Use a 1h axe and throwing axe as claws can literally be staggered by any weapon attack and you’ll out dps them 100% of the time

You are all invited for some testing with and against claws on my PC server.

PM me for more information.


People that say claws are not a problem are claw users themselves. Yeah all things have a counter but claws just can outlast anyone and keep coming with cripple meaning nothing to them.


I think its doable, but most of the time, the claw user will F*** you up. I killed one, using a one handed mace and throwing axes, just cause I was able to time well my first two hit with the mace. But, on the other hand, I was using a horse against one, and I was doing pretty well, until he took me out of the horse lol

Did I say something about SirDaveWolf?