Time to do something to Bestial Claws/Claws of Jhebbal Sag

If i understood right, these claws were made to be used on dungeons. However they are way too OP on the PVP.

U can even attach poison to these claws, which makes them ridiculous. Would be pretty cool if u could fix them to work on NPC’s only. Or even remove the possibility to use poisons with them.

Throwing axes / javelins, cripple legs, lure and kite, pounce with 2hander when weak.

A parry system is missed soooooo much! If only… :frowning:

Im sorry but I agree with @Shadoza on this one. By the gods…please…no more nerfing. Adaptation and improvisation are your friends here, find a working solution to the situation. Nerfing has already destroyed numerous weapons which offered unique and interesting dynamics, we do not need to see it happen happen to the Claws of JhebbelSag too. Especially when they already have a 10 minute countdown timer, and require massive amounts of grinding, including a T3 shrine and 50 Manifestations of Zeal just to produce one.


Just use any weapon with hyper armor and you win vs claws. They don’t have hyper armor so you can knock them out of attacks with any 2h weapon and certain 1h weapon attacks.


And when u are using heavy armors, opponent just swaps to spear and destroys you. There’s just no reason to keep Claws into the PVP. What is the point on a weapon that u cannot outrun, gets u 10 stack poison in a second, attacking with it costs pretty much no stamina?

Its just greatly unfair weapon.

Yea, pretty much any weapon works too tbh; every weapon has hyperarmor for some reason as far as I know, so every weapon beats claws unless you don’t play against them correctly.

Side note- the fact that they came out with a legendary claws drop now makes it ridiculous that jhebbal sag claws cost what they do to make and have an expiration timer

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Hyper-armor is different. It is basically uninterruptible attack for a weapon. It has nothing to do with your actual armor type. And with your scenario, that is more skill based. Switching weapons is where they are “winning” the fight, not the claws all by themselves.


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