Buff jhebbal sag claws

These claws are the hardest weapon to make in the game. It takes 50 zeal, 20 star metal, 5 shadebloom, and 4 shaped wood to make. They give you a powerful moveset, but they’re severely lacking when it comes to cost vs reward.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they should be the best weapon in the game. But right now, they have too many problems to be worthwhile, such as:

-Low damage. Only 51 damage and 9% armor pen.

-Can’t mod. So you’re stuck with the low damage.

-No hyperarmor. Just spam r2 if anyone pulls the claws out.

-Restricted to 10 minutes of use. They expire faster than a torch.

Considering how hard they are to make, it’s stupid that they have this many weaknesses.


Yes to this.

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ehhh imo the timer needs to go and the claws should have varying tiers of use, the dmg is fine considering they fast AF, anyone good will wreck you with them…yes even spears the moveset is god tier you can poke so hard its not even funny, the problem is no ones gonna spend that much mats on a 1 time use raid wep.

Oh yes please. I have raised this issue once before. If nothing else, can we please at least remove the countdown timer…? In their current state it is simply not worth the investment; burning through 1 Star Metal bar every 30 seconds (which is actually VERY rare on Singleplayer), and 5 Manifestations of Zeal for something which is only lasts 10 mins and has 51 damage. Thankyou for raising this issue Chump.

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Did you ever play with this in pvp? You run as fast as you hit and if you put poison on them you stack 3 on 1 hit. It’s insane you can’t escape the claws if you’re not ready and if your opponent know how to use it. A pvp weapon, does a buff is needed? Definitively no.

I have used them in PvP and I have fought against them in pvp. They have no hyperarmor so ANY weapon will just dumpster on somebody with claws. Your problem is that you try to run or dodge the claws when you should be attacking them.

So yes a buff is definitely needed, but I guess I could settle with removing the timer

The claws should be able to be mod’ed, the damage is fine. the long delay to use them kinda sucks. but the repair on them is FREE are you guys really that blind? it cost nothing to repair them. WHILE in combat…

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