Claws of jhebbal sag trash weapons

Just finally got these and I honestly must say… they suck, sure they attack fast but you jump all over including way past your target, they do very low damage have no bleed or poison, you cant modify them to give more armor pen, and on top of all this they have a timer? who thought this was a good idea?

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But they make you like Wolverine! Isn’t that awesome?


Truth be told, not all weapons are created equal. Some of them are quite useless. However, instead of looking for the person “who thought this was a good idea”, since you have actual empirical experience using those weapons, give Funcom some constructive feedback how to improve those weapons. I cannot, because I don’t have access to those weapons (I couldn’t beat the last boss in the Grove because I suck at boss fights).

Your feedback, based on actual combat experience using the claws, is important. You just need to express it in a more useful way.


Wait, they’re on a timer? That doesn’t seem right. Why the heck would they be on a timer? :confused:

Please tell me none of the other religious weapons are on a timer. That just seems rather pointless to me. Not to mention a complete waste of resources.

at the moment they are the ONLY weapon on a timer, and since they lack… anything else, bleed,poison, sunder, cripple… with a much lower weapon damage than anything else… they are just very bad. once the timer ends they go poof, wasting your starmetal and other things required to make them.
20 Icon starmetal bar.png Star Metal Bar
4 Icon ingredient plank.png Shaped Wood
50 Icon religion token.png Manifestation of Zeal
5 Icon white flower.png Shadebloom
that’s the requirement, for a 20 minute item that does less damage than anything else, you cant modify and cant repair.

Since they for some mentally slow (cant say the R word) reason obviously looked at the weapon and then thought it was ok then yes i would like to know who thought it was a good idea. Simple QC would have easily seen the problem with these… think of it like this…
QC person… do these do damage = to any other end game item, no
QC person… do these allow you to move and dodge easily… no they force you to be IN the hitbox of whatever you are attacking.
QC person… do these add ANYTHING else? multiple weapons add bleed to help the low damage, sunder to do more damage, cripple to make stuff not run away… nope nothing
QC person… does ANY other weapon in the game have a timer? nope lets add one to a completely trash weapon
QC person… yup a weapon that does less damage then any other top tier weapon, adds absolutely ZERO effects, has a 20 minute timer, is hard to control, costs quite a bit, yup this is a GREAT Idea!!..

And as you said you could not get them because you couldn’t finish the last boss, so no other weapon is like that either, you have to finish a dungeon and kill 4 bosses. Honestly for the requirements to even learn this AND the requirements to make it, the thing should add both bleed and poison and have the timer removed. Either that or massively add damage to it and remove the timer.

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Take a greater pet or a Zerker Cimmerian with you.

Yep, that’s what I intend to do once I get that far. But I’m in no hurry because, as the OP says, the rewards are not really worth the trouble of rushing it. I’ll get there… eventually. (What I really want is the see-in-the-dark potion.)

Were the claws nerfed at some point? I’ve seen older YouTube videos where they’re very op. 1 hit kils on most thralls and animals. I think that’s why they put a timer on them.

If they were nerfed, then the timer should have been removed imho

Honestly I have not yet tried the Claws of JhebelSag, although I was quite looking foward to doing so in the future. However, after reading that they are very weak, have a countdown timer AND they require Star Metal to build, most of my interest has now dissipated. For me personally it just isnt worth the investment of 20 Star Metal bars to know that they will disappear 20 minutes later (1 Star Metal bar per minute). Star Metal is just far too rare and valuable for me.

I can live with the low damage and crafting outlay easily enough if the countdown timer were removed. And I can see that numerous others are also not fond of this countdown timer also. Therefore, I would like to request the following. Funcom, please remove the count down timer from the Claws of JhebelSag.


Yeah star metal for a weak weapon that goes poof in 20 minutes is just not worth it. Farm a few bosses and get a pair of daggers or an axe easily enough for a legendary weapon that does twice the damage and adds bleed in quite a bit less time than it takes to get the stuff required for these claws. The legendary also does not go poof in 20 minutes. For the amount of work required these should be equal to legendary weapons all considering, they are just a WOW look im cool with claws… breaks… umm please dont kill me weapon.

@Mr.Crom from what I have seen the 1 shoting of thralls was on stuff from the desert I.E. stupid weak enemies that stone weapons could almost 1 shot. Considering that you HAVE to be in the snow (at least to farm the star metal) and you have to farm 50 of the zeals AND complete a dungeon… its just not worth it for something that has around the same amount of damage as iron or stone weapons

I agree mostly with that. Ever if i didn’t test lot these claws, i think the timer is the thing that turn away the most players. It’s an end-dungeon reward after all, so it should stay.

Maybe this should be posted under suggestions. It will get burried and forgotten here over time.

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A pitty all the weapons are only crafted from T3 altars, it could be T2 since T3 will ve shown on the map, and sometimes you dont want to reveal your base location for everyone in the server

I wish altars would just be shown on map when they have an archpriest on it like in EA.

Mmm I guess you’d need to be prepared to build a decoy base just for the t3 alter … get everything necessary to make the weapons …upgrade … make weapons then leave the base to it’s fate … or demolish it right away if you can manage to do this when no one else is online …
Or as it’s pvp … steal from someone …if PvE /pveC then ask someone to make

I’ve been thinking about that, build a “pantheon” base just for T3 empty altars to craft the weapons. The problem is that range between the altars, cant put them near each other, so the base will end up being big.

I had forgotten about pvp as I play on a pve server but wow yeah, so not only do you go through all that for trash items but you give away base location, on pvp that’s just asking to be wiped with how easy it is to raid.
Snakebite as a weapon does just as much damage as legendary weapon and is a ton easier to get than the claws.

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IIRC they increase your run speed, and not wanting that to be permanently available is the reason they’re on a timer. It’s IIRC because I am not interested in a weapon with a timer either, and so I never bothered to craft them.

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Well, I don’t see anything about run speed, but if the wiki is to be believed, they’ve also got an insanely low durability. 100 points.

Snakebite is good. Solid weapon and looks cool.

Nearly all of the weapon options for the tier 3 are decent enough. The claws are meh.

Personally the 2 potions Jhebal gives are amazing. I dont much use the lures.

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Ive tried to see if there was an increase in run speed, i found nothing. ran from rocknose to desert teleport rock and it was the exact same time with claws out as without

The claws were part of what prompted me to finally reinstall CE after leaving it since EA as it was too buggy and unoptimized for me to go through. CE has come a long way so I figured I’d finally hop back in with some of the excitement I had pre-EA launch. These claws were pretty damn cool and I was really looking forward to what I saw about them.

Took a week or so to get everything for them on the server I was on (didn’t want to just be given them). They looked really cool, but then, I found out, 10 minute timer. Its hard to enjoy these things when you literally have a count down till the end of your experience and anything that isn’t attacking jeopardizes your entire experience with the weapon, including your resources. This was a poor solution nobody wants, and if you did the same thing on other weapons no one would play this game. It is anti-fun, and counter-productive to learning a high demand weapon.

And…they’re just not good. This was a pretty big disappointment, especially as someone who built a character theme around these.

Controls/Feel: Bad
They’re hard to control and not in a fun wild ride kind of way either. You have to lock on against any non worldboss target if you want to get a few hits in. At least 1 combo seems more like a dodge and dashes past the target, which is great for pvp against certain weapons, but terrible when you just want to do damage. The dodge/block is a foolish growl (unluck an emote with jheb shrine, give us a real function that compliments the -use- of this thing) and pretty annoying.

Utility: Bad
So there’s no statuses applied. For a while, I figured, okay, maybe I should accept that because they’re so mobile. But the damage isn’t anything special, there is no armor pen, when fighting you still track by character facing rather than camera aim so your leaps have to be calculated to not jump all over the place. There’s no knockdown or anything.

There is only one combo chain and rmb does nothing different or useful at all. Why? That one combo chain is good for what it does, if you accept that often at least 1 attack will just leap past a thin enemy, and without a wide attack arc (standard 35 degrees it seems), you have one wasted attack often.

Overall: Who played, tested, and spent hours of normal player gameplay with these things and felt it was a satisfactory product?

So, no damage, no utility, mobility that is extremely sloppy and relies on swapping in and out of CE’s terrible feeling lock on system (short range, angled way too far down for some reason, hard to shift targets). Then you remember all you had to go through to make these, and constantly make these, vs everything else out there. Its not a happy, fun, fulfilling or worthwhile experience.

Why gimp a weapon?
And then Funcoms justification is…people are too mobile so it has to be gimped with a timer that prevents you from learning a difficult to use weapon that is not highly effective to begin with? …Instead of just, say, adding a behind the scenes combo whiff counter, where you do 2x combos in a row that don’t hit and you start draining much more stam per swing, to prevent zooming across the countryside?

The acquisition of these is fine.
Post acquisition, a letdown.
The gameplay experience of these is weak.
The theme and style is amazing.
The speed of attacks is refreshing compared to many other weapons. Good.
The stats do not stand up to top tier weapons, well (the 2-3 that are meta because everything else
in such questionable states).
The inability to customize these in any way is weak.
The intentionally built in frustration-mechanic (timer, no repairability) is tone deaf.
Having one attack chain and nothing else to this weapon is weak.

I do not want to be negative, but to honestly classify these weapons and experience, I have to say that the user experience for this weapon is half-assed effort that needs to be addressed. I have not heard a single person, who bothered to try them give a positive review of the weapons (because most know their’s a timer and don’t want to touch it, or even bother going through with JS religion).

We want them to be cool and want Funcom to do a complete and proper job on something they put out to us. It is severely below the standard of their work.