Bestial Claws can't be modified

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All

The Bestial Claws cannot be modified via Damage or Armor Penetration kits. The original Claws of Jhebbal Sag were made unable to be modified because it messed with their timer or some such, but I don’t believe that should be the case for the Bestial Claws?

  1. Acquire Bestial Claws
    2.Try to modify them
    3.Get told that “Cannot modify this item with that modification”

Yet, by the looks of it - this is exactly what happened. Someone in Funcom simply copy-pasted Claws of Jhebbal Sag, tweaked description and damage values and disabled the expiration timer. But “non-modifiable” portion of weapon remained :nerd_face:

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Yeah that’s probably what happened. And hey, I don’t particularly blame them, starting out by copying an existing item makes sense. But it still seems like a bug to leave in the “can’t be modified” part - neither the damage nor armor penetration seemed like it was making up for the lack of kits. Though maybe it’s just a lacklustre legendary, Crom knows there’s plenty of those :slight_smile:

Hey @Mikey

We’ve sent your feedback to our team and they’ll look into it.

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Sure, thanks @Ignasi. I doubt anyone would think it’s a priority. but it should probably go on the list somewhere :slight_smile:

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Great observation but I can’t help but think that these should be less power than the claws. I realize that all Hallowed weapons should get a bump up considering they are lacking endgame but take quite a bit to craft.

These are great. But with Jhebal Sag being on a timer and not being able to be modified I dont know why you would make them.

Just a thought unless changes were made I am unaware of.

Oh aye but that’s always been true for Saggy’s claws as far as I’m concerned.

Agreed. But with the new claws as an easy drop. Repairable and soon to be modifyicable (Don’t use this as this is not a word) Jhebal might need a boost.


If you don’t mind, please add to the report that the “Display Rack” positioning is off, for both single and triple-slot displays, as seen here:



(me being the hoarder I am, my natural reaction to not being able to apply kits is to hang the damn thing on my wall and await better times, heh)

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